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Motomom: Great pic. My abs have parted already - they never went all the way back together after DD - and if I flex them, I have a 'tent' coming out and my belly button just pokes all the way out LOL. I"d love to take a picture like that. How do you do the light? I can never figure it out.


@Asher: Very cute. That's what I have been doing, taking pics every 1-3 weeks at work LOL. I have to get around and have the DH take some pics for me so I don't always have my cell phone in the pictures.

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My abs have parted already  if I flex them, I have a 'tent' coming out and my belly button just pokes all the way out LOL.


so THAT'S what has happened to me! i have exactly the same thing. boy it is painful sometimes- i kind of figured something like that was going on. ouch. thanks, MissE!



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@Madimamacita: Yes, that sounds like it, even though I never had any pain. My muscles never went all the way back together after DD and I also have a small hernia about halfway between my belly button and boobs. It doesn't bother me, it doesn't hurt but I bet it has to do with the separation. Right before I got pregnant again (and with lots of working out) I was down to only a finger wide, while I could stick my entire hand in between months after giving birth. I sure hope I can get them back together one more time, this time with the right training to build my core back.

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Ascher, I wish I had been taking pictures every two weeks but I always forget to!


Miss E, I just used the natural light from the sun coming up through the window facing toward my front and turned the flash off on my camera. Then mess with the contrast and brightness on it until you get it where you want with the right balance of dark to light.

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011.JPG 29 weeks with the twins

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25w3d, taken very very early in the morning (before any bloat!)



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That's a pretty belly Teegan.


@Foxmama: WHOA...you are so little and now you have this belly growing. Awesome.

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Another one for comparison purposes:

Also, I got the skinny jeans at a yardsale for a QUARTER. Score!
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wow crystal!  How fun to have those to compare, you look like you are possibly caring slightly lower and smaller this time.  Did you plan to do pics in the same place as last pregnancy?  Also, love the skinny jeans, what a deal!

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25 Weeks Pregnant! (:


25 weeks




I was a fine art model before this pregnancy and have continued throughout... It's been awesome because I have gotten some pretty amazing pictures from my photographers! All of these are recent (this week)... I am 26 weeks now. (: Third trimester, here we go! 

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Wow!  We have some seriously GORGEOUS mamas here! 


teegan--I LOVE looking at yours because you always have the cutest expressions :) 


fox's--I don't know where you are going to continue growing! That's so much baby for a tiny lady. Hang in there...you're doing great!


crystal--Wow, you look so different this time! And you know it's a boy vs. a girl last time, yes? (I forget...)



I should take a pic and see if I have one from DS to compare. I don't have many from him

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@Anya: WHOW...awesome pictures and thank you for sharing those. Very pretty. You look so confident and radiant. I'd love to have some maternity pics done. If only we weren't so stinkin poor :). I have to get my DH to take some pics and then edit them myself or what.

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If you were closer to me MissE I would LOVE to take your pictures. (: Gathering by your flag, you are in my home country... 

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What is your home country?



And speaking of flags...here's my pride shot from yesterday LOL. Germany won another game at the euro-soccer-championship. We're going for the win (like every two years during a big tournament), so I'm keeping my fingers crossed :).


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Oh, Evi, I saw your "senior member" badge. I mistook it at a glance for an english flag. (; I'm half english, half italian. Now I see you are german! My older sister was born in Germany.

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Everyone looks amazing!  I would love to do a maternity shoot with my DD kissing my belly etc.  I will have DH take a 29 week photo this weekend!

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Finally jumping in!  I love belly photos...I just never have any of my own this time around.  Here I am at 26 weeks and it's not an exciting photo.  I did have a lot of shots from my last pregnancy because DH didn't live here - so I really need to find a comparison shot.  I didn't deliberately put the flash over my face!




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008.JPG007.JPG30 weeks with Thing 1 and Thing 2002.JPG

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Oh my goodness gracious, Foxsmama! You are so small! And your belly is so big!

(I had on just a t-shirt and jeans yesterday (neither one maternity) and I mostly just looked like I had a beer gut.)
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