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Judybean - I love your belly!  So gorgeous in your red dress.  How fabulous is the cotton sleeveless maternity dress?  I have three LOL

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Ok here is a 36 week shot 'lookin down:








And this is my belly at 36 weeks with the baby head down, compared with the third pic when it flipped breech again!  Such different belly shape!  (Thankfully baby decided to turn again (after one acupuncture session) and is head down since I took that pic and my belly looks more compact again!!!)



same weeks shots!


head down








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i haven't posted a pic in awhile but here is 37w1d she is super low and I probably never would have noticed if I didn't ask dh to take this picture.

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34w3d - thought i'd bring back the peach shirt for comparison. please excuse the post-beach-walk hair!



compared to 15 weeks:


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I am really loving seeing all the beautiful growing baby bellies on here!  It is amazing the transformation our bodies go through in creating new life :)


teegan - your photos never fail to make me smile :)


AnyaRose and Calpurnia - your photos make me want to get lovely glowing earth mama maternity portraits done...despite the fact that no matter who is taking the pictures I just look plain old huge and tired lol


Case in point - me at 35w2d with twins...



And with all my lovely stretch marks...





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34.5 weeks
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Kinda fell off the every-two-weeks wagon recently, but maybe I can get it in gear here at the end. I figure I'll want to start taking one weekly sometime soon.

Mamalove - I like the first picture smile.gif Did you have to buy new maternity stuff with the twins? Or are you managing with what you had for your other pregnancies?
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Wow, crystal_buffaloe, you have definitely popped from 31 to 34 weeks! 


My first pregnancy was a singleton but he's 11 and I didn't have any of my maternity stuff anymore...my last pregnancy was also a twin pregnancy, and while I used a lot of hand-me-downs at first, I outgrew everything, even the XL stuff I bought at the end.  Now, at 35 weeks, I have two shirts that just barely cover the belly...and the stretchy belly part of my maternity pants won't stay up either.  Oh well, what's a little belly flashing, right? lol

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boarder stories & mamalove - today I realized that LO is maybe? probably? breech! (super, super high hiccups this afternoon) I'm not sure if he was yesterday (there was such a defined lump on my left side I was hoping LOA), but I know he was vertex 3-4 days ago and has been vertex as far as I can tell the whole time except for one episode where I couldn't figure out if it was a foot or an elbow in my pubic bone. So maybe that's why I popped out so large? I know it's early (still 34 weeks) but I'm going swimming tonight and will do some headstands.
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Here is my first try at self portraits- glad the remote shutter is not noticeable in my hand! 


35.5 weeks



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You all look great!!! Mamalovex3, my baby belly most resembles yours, and i only have one in here!!!

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Help007, you look wonderful!!! Nice pictures too. (: 

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Thank you, AnyaRose! 


Your pics are gorgeous!

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Hi ladies!  Long time no post!  I'm 35 weeks today - here is my most recent (taken this morning).  

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Alright, I think I should post a picture before it's too late! Here is me @ 38w4d.


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Ladies you look fantastic. I haven't taken a picture in quite a while. I have four weeks left, gotta get to it :)

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You all inspired me to get my act together for week 36. My hubby just got an ipad and it has a timer app, so I finally have a pic where I'm not in the bathroom or holding a camera!!



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Cute Ascher! I'm 36 weeks tomorrow, I should probably have DH help me get a nice shot. 

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30 weeks





33 weeks


35 weeks



I'm now almost 39 weeks...but haven't taken pictures in a bit...

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I'm LOVING the dress in the 30 week pic.  :D

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