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I've been terrible about taking belly pics this pregnancy, but figured I better at least get a quick due date shot.


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Beautiful due date shot, Carlin! Love your pink socks and your beautiful, dark hardwood floors!!

AnyaRose-- love the contemplation. You're stunning as always.
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Very cute Carlin! Your floors look like fun! If I had hardwood floors like that I would always slide around like a ninja! Maybe not at 40+ weeks though... wink1.gif Happy EDD!!

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lol. Unfortunately my hardwood is just laminate, so not nearly so fancy. Jules, it's funny you said that, 'cause I have  a total phobia about sliding on hardwood. I got a 5"+ splinter in my foot doing it when I was about 10 and I don't think I've slid on a hardwood floor since!

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OMG.... That sounds awful!! Now I will forever think of that when I see my kids slide on hardwood!

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Even if it's laminate, it's still gorgeous! I just love the dark color! We had our hardwood floors refinished about a year and a half ago and I wish we would have stained them dark. Before refinishing, you could get splinters in a *lot* of spots! The hardwood floors are original to our 1946 house and had an old shellac finish that was gone from many spots!

And... a 5" sliver? That gave me some serious chills!!!
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Yeah, it wasn't super fun, especially getting it cut back out.  Despite that, I love the look of hardwood too. Unfortunately none of the original flooring in our house was in any shape to be refinished so it's all been replaced with something more modern.

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40 weeks 1 day with DD1 and DD2




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Got my Henna today!  39w 6d

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Flower of Bliss - Those pics are adorable!!


Katt- That looks awesome!!!

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Flower of Bliss - those are the most adorable pictures!


Katt - that's really beautiful! I sometimes find


OK, so after not posting all pregnancy, I'm going to post 2 in a row. lol. Not much change since yesterday obviously, but I couldn't resist trying out my retail therapy with DD and thought I'd share!


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My mom took this in the front yard, 40+1 I believe. The furthest along picture I have! DS2 went past 42 weeks, but I didn't take any pictures past 39 weeks.
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Carlin - That is such a cool carrier! You look great!


Help - You look so cute!

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EDD#1 today!
I brought back the old tank top from the first pictures. And sorry it's a little fuzzy - I hadn't eaten anything between my midnight snack and taking the photo at 9:30am, and my hand started to shake from low blood sugar. 


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The orange tank top is back! Love it smile.gif

You all look great!
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Glad to see everyone is still sharing their pictures. Looove seeing all the bellies. You look great ladies.
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Great pics Teegan and Help!

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I thought it would be fun to post these pics. 38w6d, just about 8 hours before active labor started....9 1/2 hours before he was born that evening :). 







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