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Yeah, I did that too. I upload them to photobucket since I can resize them there too.

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11 weeks :) 


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oh man windycity...no wonder you have a belly...you're TINY. very cute. keep them pictures coming. i will add a new one on tuesday or wednesday at 11 weeks.
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Will do!  :)  

I threw this together this morning.  Can't wait till I'm huge :)



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Wow, WCM!  HUGE difference bw 10 and 11 weeks!

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Nice bump, WCM!

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Okay i figured i would jump on. Maybe this will actually make me take some belly pictures. My poor last child. I think i have 2 and they are from maternity skirts i made. haha! He doesn't care of course, but it is interesting to compare growth. These are from 6 and 11 weeks. Both in the morning (i'm like twice as big after dinner each night.... haha) My 3 y/o wanted in on the action this time! :) I love my babies! So yeah... i am definitely looking pregnant :) but not so much yet that most people are like "OMG KELLY ARE YOU PREGNANT!?!?!?!" It's coming! and ps YAY for 11 weeks! Only 1 to go until my doc appt! I can hardly wait! I want to hear that HB so i can finally start really bonding! 



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Kelly! :)  You are def looking rounder! :)  My #2 has only one pregnancy pic.  haha.  All other pics of me during that time are just of my face!  (I tried to make up for it by making sure she had a ton of baby pictures taken.  My sisters (#2 and 3) always complain that there are no pictures of them... without me (a firstborn child) crowding in!  haha!)

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WCM - I LOVE those pics!  You have the cutest belly!


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10 weeks! 

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So here are mine from the last couple of months.  I'm finding that the bump size varies drastically depending on time of day and how much I've eaten!


This is my first pregnancy. 









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ok well you all look GREAT!!


hopefully that works. the first one is 2/13 and the second one is 3/10 (14wks, 6days). i am bigger in personIMG_2817.JPG


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Looking good, everyone!  I'm 13 weeks today, I missed last week, so maybe tomorrow?  And if not tomorrow.... next week lol.gif

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Here's my latest.  11 weeks.  



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so interesting to see the difference in bumps even in the same week!

I started this pregnancy already looking pretty pregnant so I look super pregnant now.. maybe i'll put up a pic later.
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Going to take a picture tomorrow morning. I also have photos from my pregnancy last year. It will be really interesting to compare. I have the EXACT same due date 1 year apart. I still had 5 pounds to lose when I found out I pregnant again, but it will be interesting to compare first pregnancy to 6.5months post partum /3.5 month pregnant.

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I finally took another belly pic! I've been horrible about it this time around.


So this is 12w5d.I see a significant difference from my last pic at 6 weeks although I'm not sure how much is baby and how much is too many carbs!



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Hola!  I'm 14wks tomorrow, and since I missed 12 and 13.. I'm just going to call my 13+6 14.  

My uterus is just out there.  And "up" there.  Here I am, laying flat, mostly empty bladder, nothing to eat yet.  So weird to have this rock hard melon thing in my abdomen..


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15 weeks.JPG


15 weeks, twins! This is the very first belly picture I've bothered to upload from my phone. Holy moly, I'm pregnant :O


(and more than a little nervous about just how big I am going to get)

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wendipauline- good luck with the twin pregnancy! You look amazing. While my last pregnancy was just one baby, I had SEVERE polyhydramnios (5x the amount of amnio fluid you are supposed to have) which caused me to measure the same as twins. Bit of advice, if believe in chiropractic, start seeing someone now to get your hips and back in line now. She saved me in the last three months.

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