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I am jealous of you skinny girls! Here is my monster baby belly at 13 weeks 5 days.


And ignore the dirty mirror. My DH has a toothpaste splatter issue.
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your belly is adorable crys!
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Love, love, LOVE all the belly pics!  I'm quite jealous of the cute bellies -- whether big or little!  I'm 15 weeks (tomorrow -- Saturday -- ... but if I was on the east coast, it would already be Saturday, so I'd technically be 15 weeks already ;) ) and all my regular clothes still fit. I've even been asked if I've lost weight (which.. I have.. about 10 lbs).. but I'm much thicker through the middle.. or at least I feel like it! Maybe it's just because I can't suck it in at all?!


Can't wait to join in.. someday... I was hoping with baby #5 I'd pop out sooner, but it's looking like my 5'11" frame is winning again.  Babies can grow *up* for a long time before the belly has to grow *out* !

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Here's me this past Tuesday at 14 weeks. The bloat is gone, it's all belly now and I'm feeling a lot more comfortable. 

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That's me at 12 weeks 4 days. I am 17 weeks now, need to get a new pic :)

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wow what a bad shirt...18wks today and super huge all of a sudden

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Yay! Love seeing the bellies smile.gif I haven't taken one yet, but now that I'm officially out of all my pants, it's probably time!
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birthmommomx2, that is a fantastic belly! I love getting a peek into the future from those of you due at the beginning of the month. :)


WCM, dying to see a recent pic from you..! It's been fun seeing your series.

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16. Weeks (well 15+4) today. Not much new. I don't think I have grown much bigger since last week or even the week before. Still fitting my regular clothes and too small for maternity. 




It's not letting me put he IMG link in here...weird. 

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Here is me at 15+2.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm still pregnant lol.



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OK, I am finally going to dive in...even though in my opinion I look this same (via picture as I did 6 weeks ago), although in real life I feel like I have a bump!  I will be 18 weeks on Friday.  Still fit in regular (long shirts) and small maternity pants and some regular pants.


11 Weeks:

11 weeks.JPG

17 Weeks (I couldn't resist including the pic of DD!!):

  17 Weeks 2.JPG

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Aaaaw, Ava's Momma and goin green. You two are so cute (and so is little Ava, I guess it's Ava :)). Those are some small baby bellies.

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Yes, That is Ava...we tried to get her to kiss my belly but she got shy, love her!

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I love belly pics. Is it weird that my belly button has completely popped out at 16 weeks :). It never really went back in after DD and so this time it's out right away :). Looks like a third nipple.

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love all the belly pics!

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Week 8 when we told our friends:


Week 8!




Now, Week 15:


Week 15 belly


Finally getting a little bulge! Haha, haven't gained anything yet... but I feel so big. I love feeling the tightness of my little belly. It's so cute to think of the little one in there.  

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19 weeks with baby #5



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This was last week, 16 weeks.

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19 weeks with twins


19 weeks, twins... 

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