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Infant car seats

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I'm trying to find non toxic infant car seat, stroller,ect... If anyone have any advice let me know please thanks so much.
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I looked all over for non-toxic car seats but had no luck.  I ended up buying pillowcases that are used to cover a pillow to protect you from allergens.  I then sent it to a company that makes custom made car seat covers.  There are several companies out there who do this mostly for people who want cute car seat covers.  The ones I had made were not cute but, I feel as though they keep my dd out of direct contact with the toxins that are in her existing car seat cover.  Most people will tell you that you do not want to replace the cover that came w/ your car seat because it jeopardizes the safety of the seat.  

Also, when you first buy an item, put it out in the sun for several days.  This will allow for off gassing - the sun will help to burn off some of the chemicals.  If you are leaving your car in a hot or sunny spot, crack the windows.  As the car heats up more gasses are produced.  Cracking the windows allows it to vent out. 

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I used this test on car seat chemicals to select mine.  I ended up getting the Chicco one in Limonata, which ranked among the best for infant car seats, but it was hard to find. 




I also washed the seat cover in vinegar to try to get any residue off, and did let it air out.

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