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but not kill them most likely- at least I have not heard of it like I hear of it around here...

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I do not understand what you are referencing with the first quote.


She bit my hand because she does not know how to take things with a soft mouth not because she is aggressive in any way.  My male uses a soft mouth perfectly because he knows that's how it's done.  I was trying to explain that soft mouth is not some biological miracle seen only in bird dogs.  My kids arent allowed to feed her at this point so it would not have been their fingers.  Both of the dogs have been evaluated and are stable, wonderful dogs even though they were raised in very different environments because pits are very often resilient like that.  Dog aggression is a completely normal breed trait and has NOTHING to do with human aggression my male is NOT dog aggressive and was dog friendly as a juvenile but became dog tolerant as he entered adulthood, meaning he still enjoys playing but gets very grouchy if other dogs are dominant to him and he will retaliate.   My new dog was tested with my current dog and my kids (separately and together) before she came home and was picked partly because she is pretty submissive and very dog friendly.  I don't care if you like dogs or not and with your views I'm glad you don't keep dogs.  

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Yes!  Imagine a protection breed being over produced and running in packs.  It's a problem but not a problem of the breed.

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But the thing is it isn't safe to have any dogs roaming a neighborhood loose - danger is not exclusive to pit bulls. Even medium sized dogs can do damage to a human if they are frightened/angry enough.



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I understand that you arent big on pets so you probably arent truly knowledgeable about different breeds.(( which is totally fine btw im not judging)) Unless this animal gives you a reason to fear it you should honestly consider it harmless just as you would a golden retriever. Pitts as far as loyalty and human companionship go are ranked at the same level as golden retrievers by the akc. I would believe that nothing you have heard about the breed is true... They are significantly over hyped . If the humans caring for the dog are not fighting it and assuming you do not have a dog on your own i would truly not fear this animal. You should of course be precautious about your children being left unattended with the dog just as you would for any breed but very honestly you have no reason to fear or feel this dog is different than any other breed.

If you have your own dog you should pay extra attention to that though as pitts do have a tendancy to be animal aggresssive,

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OK, well if we are talking about packs of stray pit bulls roaming loose on the streets, that is a whole different ball of wax than a well-trained, family-raised pit bull.  Packs of feral dogs start acting a lot more like wolves than dogs. 


And what's with the comment about upper class neighborhoods?  No, I live in a small town in Wisconsin.  No one makes a lot of money, we all seem to just barely get by.  It's too cold here for dogs to live outside unless they are huskies or such.  Maybe that's why all the pits around here are so friendly and socialized--they live with their people. 

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Wow, I haven't been on in a while & didn't realize this thread continued for so long.


Thank you for all the thoughts & advice -- You all really gave me a lot to think about & a lot of perspective... Yes, I'm not a pet person, so my knowledge is far from complete! But I'm sympathetic.


We spoke to the neighbors (I really didn't want to get them in trouble with the landlords if it was truly a temporary thing). The told us about the dog & it's behavior around people & kids in the neighborhood (on walks, etc.). The neighbor even said she was very conscious of our little guy & always waited for us to enter/exit the building if she heard us & was with the dog. Very considerate. And she said the whining was because they were crate-training (not neglect) to help place the dog, which I can understand. I saw the dog a couple times & it was very obedient, very non-agressive seeming.


And then, the dog is gone. Haven't seen the neighbor since, but I'm hoping it's in a good home.


A good teaching moment for my son -- not to go near strange dogs. And for me to learn about pit bulls & breeds & such from you all. Thanks!

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