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The ONE Thread Jan 22 - 29

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WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for Jan 15 - 22!!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


whistling.gifWaiting to O whistling.gif


A2E BFPChart2.gif

anyalily BFPChart2.gif

dbl_my_luv BFPChart2.gif

Fnord BFPChart2.gif

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jpack BFPChart2.gif



LindsayDawn BFPChart2.gif  


Mom2IrishBoys BFPChart2.gif


nisojon BFPChart2.gif  

Rockabilly Mama

SilaMarila BFPChart2.gif


Stevi BFPChart2.gif



headscratch.gif Waiting to Know (2WW) headscratch.gif


Angierae BFPChart2.gif

brichole BFPChart2.gif

cassandraz BFPChart2.gif

doularebekah BFPChart2.gif

Gator-mom BFPChart2.gif



kittenbritches BFPChart2.gif



mamaforever BFPChart2.gif

Myllissa BFPChart2.gif

naynay455 BFPChart2.gif


skinnyloveBC BFPChart2.gif



confused.gif WTF IS GOING ON?!?! confused.gif



idea.gif Waiting to be Ready idea.gif

gratefulstella BFPChart2.gif



jlmschirm BFPChart2.gif



sleepingbeauty BFPChart2.gif
Texanromaniac BFPChart2.gif
TTCChloeOrConner BFPChart2.gif
WildDoula BFPChart2.gif

joy.gif ~ GRADUATES~ joy.gif

Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant


 (the current thread keeper can update the graduate link as needed)


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ArtificialRed BFPChart2.gif


Carlin BFPChart2.gif


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LadyCatherine - Ah yes, I can see how temping might not work in that situation! You usually have 12-24hrs post ovulation to catch the egg from what I understand, so you never know! 


Lisoula - Oh cool! Yep, it's a pretty great place to live :)


Fingers crossed for a few more BFP's before the month is out! Anyone out there who will be testing before February hits us?


Also, I'm going to be having a bit of a clean out of the thread starter list so if there is anyone who hasn't posted for awhile but still wants to stay on the list (which is totally fine, btw) please let me know by posting in here or sending me a message :)



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Rockabilly Mama - I'm so sorry :( I wish there was something more I could say, but it still hirts. Hopefully you get to have a couple of restful days to recharge. Do you chart/temp, by the way? I'm just trying to remember if you mentioned anything in your initial post. Hope you're doing ok, we're all here for you!

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BFN this morning. I'm 7-9 DPO.. I never got a + test with either of my boys before 12 DPO so I am still holding out hope! haha.. My luteal phase is typically 10-11 days long, so if I'm not PG I should get AF within the next few days.


Fingers crossed for everyone!!

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ugh.. i am crampy. :( :( I do remember being crampy during early pregnancy with my boys, but it was after I had already had a BFP... looks like AF is around the corner. Will let you all know if/when she arrives.

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Wow, can't believe the month is almost through. 


This morning I am feeling doubtful, the symptoms I was having are not as bad as before, so maybe hormones were just at a peak or something, AF is supposed to come Feb 2nd, so I'll most likely know before February.

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Originally Posted by LadyCatherine185 View Post

ugh.. i am crampy. :( :( I do remember being crampy during early pregnancy with my boys, but it was after I had already had a BFP... looks like AF is around the corner. Will let you all know if/when she arrives.

hug2.gif  Darn it.  I had high hopes for us.  I'm not cramping yet, but I don't have any pg symptoms either. 



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I don't normally get crampy until after AF arrives.. so I'm still a little hopeful. ;) Still no sign of her. I gagged this morning brushing my teeth. thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by LadyCatherine185 View Post

I don't normally get crampy until after AF arrives.. so I'm still a little hopeful. ;) Still no sign of her. I gagged this morning brushing my teeth. thumb.gif

Yay for gagging!!!!   Lol...

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Thanks for the new thread!


Doularebekah Charting Cm is always super crazy for me. Sometimes I have 6 days of ewcm and other months, none. (I used real eggwhites to conceive #2; but had so much mucus with #3 I thought I was anovulatory). I did the glass of water test this week, too. And it looked good. Although I know it can take me a few days after I O for it to turn to infertile CM, so I havent really used that to determine if I O'd or not. Cervical position works better for me. I wish I had been temping, but I've been too sick to move. Hope you figure out whats happening soon.


Lisousa, LadyCatherine, cassandraz fingers crossed for all of you. 7+dpo is the time of the cycle I HATE the most. I'm so crazy on the inside and each month I think I'll be relaxed and nonchalant this time, but it never happens!


So we are sick and dtd anyways, because even though I am ambivalent now, I know I wont be 2 weeks from now. 


Feeling like I need to stand on my head afterwards to give those sperm an edge, but reality right now is a quickie in the shower while we are both coughing and then run to take care of sick kids. Not really feeling the mojo! But having fun and not missing opportunities, so I'll take it!

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Hello fellow pregnant-ladies-to-be joy.gif Just popping my head in to say can you keep me in the 'waiting to be ready' list please? Seems like I've been waiting forever but on the homeward stretch now I hope. Good luck to you all who are trying this cycle! goodvibes.gif

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So my tests finally came- no O yet. If by some freak chance that I'm Oing right after AF, we have that covered. I think it's pretty hilarious that I'm peeing into disposable shot glasses for my OPK's! We had a holiday party back in December, and friends brought & left them- fyi.

I've gone a bit neurotic. I used to be really big into rituals and charms, so I made a fertility/baby juju bag with various fertility herbs and a moonstone, as well as making a tea out of the herbs and pouring a bit into our baths every night. Also I'm doing very hip-opening yoga every day. Can't hurt, right?

More BD-ing for us! We're both sick now- but it's really not stopping us, so yay!

I hope this will be a good week for all of us, thinking fertile sticky thoughts!


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Hi DoulaRebekah, I stalked your chart. Yeah, that's an early O, eh? Interesting... The whole conversation about summer is making me pretty jealous! It's still a pretty puny winter here but I feel rather trapped inside with a toddler. It seems so much harder to enjoy winter (totally not what I expected) with a little one. Once we get some good sledding in, I'm sure it'll improve! Please move me to waiting to O. We've decided to go ahead and try this cycle right after the early miscarriage. Who knows what the right thing to do is? I sure don't, but I'm not sure anyone does.


KatCooke, very interesting about your juju bag. It's so cool hearing about what other ladies do. Funny about the shot glasses, too, sounds like a great idea! I'm sorry if I missed your intro but do you have kids already?


Hello, Samy23. Glad for you your wait is ending soon.


AngieRae, that's so funny about being ambivalent now. I totally feel you on that! I feel like that too sometimes, like it's a chore when you've gotta do it to get the timing right and you've gotta think about that 2ww! Or, and this is embarrassing to admit, but I think, "I don't want to miss today, because then on FF when it scores the BD timing, I won't have a check mark in today's box." That's how I know I'm trying a little too hard! Sheepish.gif


Good luck Lisoula, Cassandraz, and LadyCatherine!


AFM, I feel like I might O early on account of the m/c (since it was so early) my OPK was pretty dark (though neg) this AM. Either that or maybe it'll be late... Hmmm... guess I never appreciated how regular my cycle was! And still some bleeding, 8 days later, geez.



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JPack- I don't have kids, hoping for #1! Thanks for asking!

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Just popping in to say hi. Still lurking and sending BFP vibes to everyone...

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Spotting yesterday and today which  means I should stop altogether in the next day or two...we are planning on bd'ing every other day from the time it stops until Thursday and from Thursday to confirmed O we are bd'ing every.single.day.  I hope that does the job!

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I have a question about the charting. I just started charting yesterday, and my temp was 96.4. This morning, my temp was 95.8. Is this normal? I feel like that is a huge fluctuation.... Today is CD7 for me. Thanks in advance!

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LisaAdkins20- Are you charting at the same time each day?

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Yes I am. 6.30 every morning. I sleep with my mouth open, so I don't know if that would affect anything. Maybe I should buy a new thermometer....

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LisaAdkins20...   You may want to temp vaginally. Because you sleep with your mouth open, your temps will read falsely low (which explains your 95 temp).

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