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Poops on big potty with mama

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So my 20 mo DS is maybe a grad (I am afraid to jinx him by saying so!). He has always done poops on the potty. At some point when he was big enough we started to do poops sitting backward on the big potty with mama behind him. This is fine, no poop to rinse out, etc. it seems to really help him to have me there to push against. 

Question is: How will he learn to do it sitting alone instead squat-sitting with mama to push against? Am I going to be sitting on the potty with him when he is 6?  Anyone had experience with this?  My guess is that he will see how we do it and at some point start to want to poo facing forward...sound right?

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I am guessing he will eventually want to change positions to be like 'a big boy'. If your DS is anything like mine, I definitely would not push a change at his age in case he is resistant and then refuses altogether. Maybe you could get one of those toilet top seat reducers if you don't have one already and gently see if he wants to try it 'all by himself'. We had one that you attached to the back of the toilet so you could lift it up like a regular toilet seat. It was really cool. That way you could use it or not use it and not have to worry about storing it, it being wobbly, etc. 


My DS loved being held in the classic position even after he graduated. So here I am holding this big 3 year old hovering over the potty as he poops! I was thinking the same thing like you, "Oh my God, is my teenager going to want to be held hovering over the potty?!" But of course the older he got the more he thought that would be quite embarrassing. I think he stopped wanting to be held sometime in the 3yo or early 4yo range. Can't quite remember!

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DS transitioned to sitting on the potty for poops on his own some time ago (he prefers to pee in the sink Sheepish.gif but is currently on a pee strike, just when I though we were moving towards graduation!!) but will still do the reverse facing on the toilet thing if we are not at home and don't have the reducer.  If your DS is used to that position, I recommend you try a Bumbo potty insert for 2 reasons: 1) it sits a little bit "deeper" than how flat DS would have to sit on a standard reducer so his bum will be a bit lower than his knees (which he's used to) and 2) you can turn it around backwards on the potty as well (I've done this a few times) so that would allow a 2 step transition from you holding him.  It is NOT good for little boys and pee, but for poops it is perfect. thumb.gif  I agree with PP, try it out, but don't force it!

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