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For those with some sort of built in storage - help needed

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What's in your built in wardrobes / cupboards / storage?


We are in the process of purchasing some built in storage for a bedroom. It's more for general storage of stuff as opposed to clothes (the room is a 'general' room anyway, not a bedroom as such).... But I don't know what to get for the internal configuration.


Here is what I have on my list so far:

Tub full of baubles / ornaments that we love
Christmas displays, still in boxes
Christmas wrapping and stickers, ribbon and tape
One tub for each child filled with clothes that are next size up / out of season
Toys that are packed for future or rotation
Heater and/or fan
Extra blankets
School stuff like mementos.. (in a tub)


Should I go for all shelving? A combination of shelving and drawers? Where would you put what? What do you store in your built ins?


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Personally, I love drawers because they hide everything. My built ins are all open shelving, and I can't stand seeing all of the stuff. However, I moved an old dresser downstairs and it is so nice to hide away our junk that used to be on shelves. Adjustable shelving is nice and deep drawers.
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Thanks so much! Our built ins will have large hinged doors on them so everything will be neatly contained. I really hate open shelving too... the dust factor especially.


As I'm looking at storing a fair amount of tubs, I think shelves are best but I can't help but feel a little odd for having nothing but shelves.. I love deep drawers too, but what would I put in them? Am I forgetting a whole category of things that need to be stored?? confused.gif Most everything is packed right now and I'm just going off memory..


Other than the above (again, based on memory) there is nothing left but clothes for everyone. Everything else seems to have a space to go into (in the kitchen, laundry etc).

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Other kinds of stuff in my basement include a collection of paint cans, tools, paint brushes, shop vac, and camping equipment - sleeping bags, blow up mattresses, tents, old financial records. Also might include skis, sleds, gardening supplies, salt for the steps, weed killer and ant killer, fertilizer if you use that sort of stuff. Extra paper towels and TP that DH buys in bulk. 

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Thanks Ellien! That list certainly helps. :)


The only items we do have are extra TP (laundry) and old financial records (something new to add to the BIW). All tools/outdoor stuff are in the garage.



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I would do some drawers so it's more versatile if it should ever be used as a bedroom. You can really store anything in a drawer. Small shoebox sized bins would go in there, the next size up clothes could go in drawers and that would free up those bins for other things. Just so that if you ever convert to a bedroom or if you move, the next owners would have some drawers.
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I would use shelves with doors. Many of the things on your list are large, bulky items that wouldn't lend themselves well to drawers (except the blankets and clothes). I think shelves and tubs/boxes would give you a lot more versatility. You have a lot of things to store - you don't want to waste an inch of space!


I would love to see before an after pictures of your project!

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Thanks guys!!


I've been thinking about it a fair bit and I think I'm leaning more towards heaps of shelving, even though it is more of peculiar set up. As the PP was saying, there are lots of bulky stuff to be stored. I may have one set of 3 drawers in there only.


Would love to post before and after pictures, but all the pictures of 'before' will just be of an empty wall. :) Our house is being renovated and we moved in mid renovation, so nothing from our move is unpacked (except for a few everyday essentials). I can still post the after pictures though. :)

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I agree with shelves. I have 3 built in china hutch type cabinets in my home and while one 2 have a row of drawers (and all 3 have glass doors on the top, solid on the bottom) I love that there are so many shelves. You can get cloth boxs or tub to use as drawers if you find you need some but I think since you have the option of adding drawers that way shelves are much more versatile. I would love to see pics when you get it and get everything settled. 

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