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preparing for my first homebirth! need book reccomendations!

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my first 3 were born in a hospital or hospital run birth center with ob or a fam practice doctor who did deliveries. had an epi with all except the last one. i am really looking forward to being at home and more untouched than at the hospital. since baby will be born in late june most likely, i am seriously considering a water birth. this will be my 4th birth.


i would love all book reccomendations! i love to read and learn and have not read enough about homebirth.

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Oh am I ever excited to help with a book list.


These are the books that led to me choosing and being confident in a home birth with my first, and I have re-read them for my impending (any day now) second planned home birth:


  1. Ina May Gaskin's "Guide to Natural Childbirth" --convinced me that I could do this.  Full of wonderful stories of homebirths, and info on labour and medical issues.
  2. Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way --I read and reread this because it really explained what would happen with my body which meant I could visualize it and help it happen.  Relaxation techniques led to me being so relaxed I was 10cm before the midwife even arrived!  I realize now that it was the reason I laboured so calmly and confidently.
  3. Birthing From Within --good 'psychological' preparation for viewing/interpreting pain, and ridding self of any fears.  Made more sense later in pregnancy --earlier on I just didn't 'get it'.
  4. Ina May Gaskin's "Spiritual Midwifer" --more lovely stories
  5. Hypnobirthing: the Mongan Method --I took the course and read the book.  I thought it was THE reason things had gone smoothly, but it has taken second fiddle to Bradley Method in hindsight.



I also watched LOTS of videos online and scoured the net for all stories or pictures that would support my view of a relaxed and calm birth.


Hope this helps.



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I second "Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth"


There are also some wonderful birth stories and good info on the website "bringbirthhome.com" 


Also, if you're in the mood for a documentary, Ricki Lake did one on home birth called "The Business of Being Born" 


Good luck with your decision!!


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Exactly what Jules said.  You can also watch birth videos on YouTube.  I liked "Pushed" by Jennifer Block and Born in the USA by Marsden Wagner but they aren't childbirth books, but more books about American birth culture.

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I would highly recommend hypnobabies as a resource to prepare for homebirth.  It is actually adaptable for either hospital or home birth, but I felt like it helped me so very much viewing my birth in a positive light (which is saying something after having a traumatic birth experience).  It also helped me bond with my baby before she was born, it helped me have a positive attitude in general, and it helped me during delivery.  I can't say enough about it.  I also enjoyed watching home birth documentaries, just for some added support, they also helped convince my husband that homebirth was the way to go.  Congratulations by the way!  I hope your birth is everything you want it to be.  

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thanks everyone. my last was a natural birth in a birth center with a doctor. i am so excited to be doing it at home this time. i have written down all the books and will be reading all the ones i havent read yet!

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Birthing From Within By Pam England... if you can read one- I think this is it.

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ina may!!  



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VespaGirl has a great list!  You might also rent the film "Orgasmic Birth."

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