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Vegan gluten free breakfast suggestions ?

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Im trying to  add more vegan food into our diet along with more of a raw diet ,any suggestion on what to feed the kiddos for breakfast .

We just started eliminating wheat and do whole grains only in moderation


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Smoothies!  We love making smoothies, and my toddler loves them.  I can sneak in greens and other healthy foods and he doesn't notice.  Great way to get probiotics (soy yogurt or coconut milk kefir), protein (I sneak in hemp protein powder), greens (either leafy veggies or greens powder), and some fruits.  Delish, too!  


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Great idea ! we love smoothies



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In the kids smoothies I put coconut oil or coconut cream concentrate, raw honey, flax seed meal, almond butter, bananas, mango, spinach, blueberries, almond milk and rice milk. I tried without the rice milk, but they didn't like the taste with just almond milk. (I LOVE the taste with just almond milk.) I don't use the coconut or almond or rice milk in my smoothie just to save me the calories. I used to put raw egg as well, but if it didn't get drunk right away it didn't taste so good. What doesn't get drunk by the end of the day goes to the chickens the next morning.

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Of course, there are gluten-free cereals to which nuts and/or fruit can be added for heft, and there are gluten-free hot cereals (such as cream of rice), as well.  I like a really hearty breakfast, and I've been experimenting with non-soy breakfast patties.  This one is gluten-free, or can be if you get the right soy sauce:



I know the soy sauce is not soy-free, either, but I am not concerned about small amounts in my current diet.  It's high in fat, but this is not necessarily bad for children, especially in whole seed form.


The Brits like baked beans for breakfast.  I don't, but I can see why it's healthy, and maybe your kids would enjoy it.  Instead of toast, you could serve them with breakfast potatoes.

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My kids like sliced bananas stirred with cinnamon, raisins, and pecans... also greens with thawed frozen fruit, ground flax and crumbled walnuts


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We go through breakfast "phases" around here, where certain things are popular for some time before we get tired of them and move on to something else. Right now popular breakfasts are corn cakes (like rice cakes, but made with popped corn...I think they're called corn thins) spread with peanut butter and served with a banana on the side and also soy yogurt topped with that new KIND granola. DH prefers to have a KIND bar, sometimes with a yogurt on the side. My youngest son likes variety, and often requests an "assortment plate" which usually has some combination of dried or fresh fruit, yogurt, corn chips or granola or some kind of nuts/seeds. On weekends we usually make pancakes or waffles for one morning.  It's nice to switch things up so they don't get boring!

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You can buy gluten free oats for oatmeal. I also love to make pancakes using oatmeal. I eat dairy so I put eggs in mine, but you could use flax or an egg replacer (I can't recall what is in egg replacer so I have no idea if it's gluten free?). I know trader joe's sells gluten free waffles - not sure if they are dairy free though. But you can put gluten free pancake mix into a waffle maker at home.



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My children's diets are not gluten free but sometimes their meals are.


For a quick breakfast, my children will have smoothies and a GF English muffin (Food for Life brand) with peanut butter or cashew butter.  Sometimes they will have Nature's Path GF Crunchy Maple Sunrise cereal instead of the Eng. muffin.  Buckwheat pancakes are also a favorite.




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