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Teaching my children spirituality

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Im looking for resources to help teach my children about spirituality. I am Pagan, my dh probably leans more towards that than anything else, but isn't religious. We have just started going to a Unitarian Universalist church (literally a couple of times). I want to teach my children about the Wheel of the Year, and other Pagan beliefs. I am also interested in teaching them about just being a good person - I do like and agree with some of the Christian values and think they are great for families, but no one in my family will take well to these teachings when they seem overly Christian (mentioning too many times the name of God and Jesus) We do all believe in God, but we are not Christian. I myself have been pretty out of practice because when it came to having children and teaching them about spirituality I became lost and just kind of let it go to the wayside. For years now I have been searching for a way to have a spiritual outlet and have even tried several Christian churches (I was actually raised Mormon, but not baptized) but I never felt any of those churches were right. So far the UU church is nice. So my question is, does anyone have any great resources to help guide me on my quest to teach and give the gift of spirituality to my family? I do not want to teach them to be Pagan or Christian, but to have a good spiritual root and believe what they want and choose what religion they want when they get older. thanks so much

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I love these. Sadly, I have a stack here at home but they seem to out of print.


Looks like you order them here..


We honor seasons at our house.. no a belief in the big other in the sky. We do good works in our community. We are kind. We grow things.

We created a couple of ritual and parties to give our life some of the tradition and ritual that children seem to crave.
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