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moremadder- that's about all I think about too..and postpartum care. Pregnancy just sort of happens with me. First time I obsessed about it. 2nd time barely thought about it and this time I'm super happy to be pregnant; but my fav. part is always giving birth.

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My babies are always malpositioned and the labors are SO long...with lots of stops and stars before the real thing finally kicks on.  I'm hoping this time, the baby gets in a good position or my new chiro gets trained in the webster technique.  He seemed to know  A LOT about birth and even suggested i just have the baby at home without a doctor.  LOL.  (He's NOT Singaporean but his wife is.)  I thought that was pretty funny. 

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I have done hypnobabies and gas and air for one, and hypnobabies and TENS for another. This time will be hypnobabies in the water. I really really enjoy hypnobabies and can highly recommend it. I will go on far too much about how wonderful it is if given the opportunity. Hypnosis is definatly worth looking into.

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I wish gas was available here! All of my British friends got to use it and talked about how perfectly it took the edge off.

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I think it's used in about 70% of UK births, it is so common. Doesn't pass to the baby like the other options, plus so easily controlled and self administered. Wears off straight away so you have a bit each contraction. My first was induced with pit so actually I think what helped most was that it made me take long deep controlled breaths.


I think it'd bring down c/s rates a lot because it would reduce the need for epidurals. It's not common in Spain either, but I@m lucky enough to have it at a hospital here. Midwives in the UK carry it too so for a home birth there is an option. It just stops things being all or nothing for those who haven't prepared with hypnosis or tens... They'd run out before DS1 was born, and the delivery was made at 8am, he was born at 4.30! I never needed it though as he wasn't induced so it felt like a walk in the park!

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I liked just sitting and rocking for both of my labors.  I might've gone natural the whole way the first time, but they had me get up on the bed for a check in the hospital and I never got back down to the rocker.  Also, I know now that I have a panic attack during transition.  I got an epidural at 9cm with my first (probably stalled labor and made pushing harder--but it was also kind of glorious after 18 hours of labor).  I would've gotten an epidural with my second at transition too, but I was in the car during it and when I got the to hospital it was too late (he was born within 10 minutes of getting there).  To be honest I don't know what I'll do this time.  After I went all natural with #2 my husband was like "aren't you proud of yourself?" and I was irate saying "no, that was the stupidest thing I've ever done".  Of course, that was right after the fact and my post labor was very painful with contractions and them trying to contract my uterus and stitches and stuff.  I think I'd be a great homebirth candidate, as I am fine until I have to move out of the rocking chair.  My "zone", sad to say, was TV.  I insisted on staying home to watch the most recent episode of Top Chef and it ended at 11pm and we got to the hospital at 11:45 (it's a drive!) and he was born before midnight. 

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