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Thanks Thebyr that makes complete sense.  I am not knowledgeable at all as my only experience is with results that are instant in office.  Hope you experience relief quickly, it is scary to think you might have to go to the hospital!  I had antibiotics before the surgery and then afterwards due to some complications I was put on amoxicillin.  I will finally be off of all medications in a couple days. 

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Thebyr, if you can get your hands on 100% blueberry juice (Trader Joe's has it, as does my local grocery store), it's supposed to contain even more of the beneficial stuff than cranberry.  Cranberry is good too, but it can be hard to find the stuff without added sugar and sugar can exacerbate UTIs.  I've been drinking a cup of blueberry juice a day just to keep things clear, but when I have an infection, I usually flush with tea and blueberry juice throughout the day.  I haven't had one in years though. 

Antibiotics do suck, but as you said, they're better than a kidney infection.  The blueberry suggestion is more of a preventive measure to prevent it happening again.


Boots, I've been having a weird pain all morning.  I suspect it's just growth, but it seems to be like a weird combo of uterine pain and round ligament stuff.  Could also be gas, I guess.  I'm not going to worry about anything until my Feb 5 appointment, where we see the little beano again.  I have entered this weird stage of pregnancy where I just feel sort of at peace with stuff.  Yes, it's odd to have these pains and cramps and such, but for now at least I think I can trust my body to know what its doing.  I call it "weird" mostly because I was a complete basket case for the first 9 weeks, Googling everything.  Now I'm like, "What up, fetus?  Growing a little?  Good job!".  I hope this keeps up and isn't some weird form of hormone-induced psychosis.


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Lilytiger, that is interesting.  Are plain fresh or frozen blueberries would be as effective as the juice?  

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Hey boots - I did research d-manoose too - but I found some places where it said it wasn't recommended for pregnant women. Dangit - wish I had just gotten some - they like to say that about supplements. Good to know for next time.


Yes Andaluza - They gave me a script for Amoxicillin. It's the one they give to children when they have infections - so I guess its one of the safer ones.

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Thanks for that info lily - I did find some 100% organic cranberry juice at 4am this morning. It was $12 and it tastes like licking lemons. I will certainly stop by TJ's and pick up the blueberry because I'm going to need a maintenance supplement - can't get one of these again.

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Sol, I'm sure they would be helpful, but the blueberry juice is like a concentrated punch.  You'd have to eat a lot of blueberries to get the same effect.  At the same time, people who put blueberries into smoothies and such are probably getting a lot of protection.  Eating the whole fruit also gives you other stuff like fiber and the vitamins and minerals in the skin.  I would say (and feel free to doubt this, since it's just based on personal experience) that those who have had UTIs should probably take the more concentrated form, while those who haven't could probably get more overall benefit from just raw or frozen whole blueberries.


The major advantage of blueberry juice over cranberry is that it doesn't need added sugar or sugary juices (like apple juice in cranberry cocktails).  I do drink the pure cranberry juice too and I sometimes like it as an alternative to wine (for us abstaining preggos) because it shares some of the same bitterness and tannins as wine, but it's not for casual drinking.  It's more of a sipping beverage.  Thebyr's "licking lemons" is a somewhat accurate description.  lol.gif


Here are a couple of decent articles on blueberries and cranberries:



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Thebyr and andaluza, I hope you both get some relief from your UTIs. I have found that antibiotics often help REALLY quickly. I wouldn't recommend the D-manoose to replace antibiotics unless you think the infection is very, very mild. I have used it successfully to avoid having to go on antibiotics.


Still crampy but not as intense. I don't think it's anything much to worry about, but I did have a few minutes of panic this morning.


Lily, you crack me up. I do feel a little more secure than I did in the first few weeks of 1st tri. I remember actually thinking that sneezing or constipation may affect the embryo ;)

Does blueberry juice taste good? Is it very sweet?



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Originally Posted by bootsvalentine View Post
I remember actually thinking that sneezing or constipation may affect the embryo ;)

Wait, you mean it doesn't? ROTFLMAO.gifI do grab my belly when I sneeze because it hurts otherwise! And there have been moments when I worry I'm.... manually contracting my uterus or something?!? 


I think a lot of my crampy/weird feeling from yesterday was constipation. I eat what I think is a lot of fiber and I switched to a non-iron prenatal about 5 days ago, so I don't know what the deal is! I mean, other than being pregnant. 


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I'm pretty fortunate that I'm not having any symptoms except for the weird urinating. I seem to be prone to UTIs, although I hadn't had one for over a year before my last (which was during my last af before my bfp). From what I read about UTIs and pregnancy, I think this one is probably because of the uterus constricting the bladder. I've been drinking so much water, though, I wonder if that's why I'm not noticing the typical symptoms that usually clue me in.


I am definitely going to look into blueberry juice! I love blueberries.

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Boots, I think blueberry juice tastes good, but it's not a super sweet juice.  It's not bitter though either, unlike cranberry juice.


I love the sneezing thing!  For the first four weeks, I was afraid everything I did was going to drop the baby.  The first difficult BM I had I remember being so positive that I was pushing the baby out.  Totally ridiculous, and not the kind of fear you can share with your husband either (at least not mine... He has a firm "no bathroom talk" rule). 

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lol @ no bathroom talk. My hubs is ALWAYS sharing epic poops with me. I have mos certainly had the "I must be pushing out the baby" feelings during my FIGHTS with constipation.. and when I sneeze or cough - it hurts down deep.. pretty sure my baby questions my parenting skills already.


As for my current infection - I still feel a little cramping and I was up most of the night peeing and switching positions to eliminate the cramping. I hope this is the last day for the pain.

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Now I'm like, "What up, fetus?  Growing a little?  Good job!".  I hope this keeps up and isn't some weird form of hormone-induced psychosis.


I'm totally the same way.  This past week (week 9) I've been totally relaxed about its progress, and have instead been all madly in love with my husband and waxing poetic about how happy and lucky I am.  If this is hormones, I certainly hope they last!


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oh - you guys will LOVE this.


Apparently I am NOW suffering from extremely painful Bladder Spasms. I've never even heard of such a thing - but the pain can be likened to labor contractions. HA! No wonder I'm in so much pain. Waiting for the midwife to call me back now. UGH!

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Thebyr - Oh no! That is horrible! I hope you can find some relief soon. I wonder what your midwife will suggest for the pain? 


I'm starting to think that my "cramps" might be mild SPD or something. My lower abdomen is sore to the touch and my hips always hurt. I don't have any problems walking or anything, but I just can't figure out why I'm so sore down there.... Can anyone else weigh in on this?

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Thebyr, I hope they can find something to help and soon!  I am sorry you are feeling pain.   

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crap.gif Ouch! That sounds painful. Waiting to hear what they tell you...

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Thanks for thinking of me!!!!


I survived my first visit to preggy lady emergency aka - labor and delivery triage. Bladder spasms indeed. They wanted to make sure it wasn't uterine contractions before they prescribed pyridium to stop the spasms. SO far - it's working to make them less painful and less often. My uterus was fine, cervix still closed. My fibroid is huge though - basically my uterus is the size of a 22 weeker even though I'm only 12. This is going to be a LONG pregnancy. I did get to hear baby tba's heartbeat though. Still in the 170s and not at all distressed.

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YAY!  Great news, Thebyr.  Sorry you're having to go through all this.  Hopefully the meds kick in and you're feeling better soon!

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thanks Lily!

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Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post

YAY!  Great news, Thebyr.  Sorry you're having to go through all this.  Hopefully the meds kick in and you're feeling better soon!


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