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I just took her to apply for it.

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I HATE DES.  Last month (2/28) I needed to drop off 'renewal' paperwork for FS and medical. I was there on 2/28 and since they had me listed as 'walk in' I didn't have an appointment time. Did I mention how I hate 'walk in' status. That just makes me feel inhuman and like I have no other life.  It means I can not work that day and there is no guarentee you will even see a case worker.  You can get there at 7am and not be seen until 4pm, to me that is not treating folks like people.  Anyway when I got to DES at 1pm, all the numbers were given out and they were just taking paperwork. Well of course nothing was processed and I got a denial letter and 'you missed your appt' etc.  So I called today (only had to wait on hold 10 mins) to inquire where my papers were that I dropped off, now 2 weeks ago.  They still were not processed!  My 'deadline' is monday 3/12 and I was TOLD to get to the office tomorrow 3/9 for a walk in appt.  Again I questioned where my original paper work was, since everything they want was already dropped off and the person I left it with date stamped the papers and told me I would not need an appt.  Plus there is no guarentee if I go tomorrow that I will get an appt but there is guarentee that I can not take work tomorrow.


I'm so friggin mad.  I loose $85 of work since I'm a sub and get paid by the day worked.  I get to feel de-humanized by going back to DES and possibly waiting 8 hrs for an appt that won't ever happen.


I can take my chances that my original papers are processed and the application is approved (as it should be) but most likely will be declined, because that is the easy thing for them to do.


We need medical and FS.  WTF should I do?  I really can not afford to miss work.

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I haven't been popping in on Mothering lately because things have been so overwhelming this month.


DH, DS, DD, & I had been living with a roomie since December. Turns out he's getting evicted.


So I had the money saved up to rent us an affordable, nice house, albeit in a not-ideal neighborhood, but it was something. Then we got turned down for the house because apparently DH owes an old apartment $337from 5 years ago. So we needed about $350 which we were going to pull out of this week's paycheck and unemployment.


THEN, DH's mouth started hurting so badly that he hasn't been able to eat anything other than Ensure for four days, can't sleep, and is barely functioning. We have looked at every low-income dental clinic in the area, we can't get through the doors without at least $100. He's been in the emergency room twice JUST so he could have lidocaine to not be completely out of it.


Then, I realized my tire is completely bald and I need to go buy a new-to-me tire. AND my back passenger window got completely busted out (I don't have insurance that covers it).




SOOOO I went from being thisclose to getting a new place to live to being SOOO far away.


I am completely overwhelmed.

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thatgirl-  when it rains it pours... I;m so sorry.  Does anyone know whats wrong w. your DH teeth?  Is it a cavity?


Life in my world keeps getting cr@ppier.  My lease is up 5/1 which means I need a decision on 4/1. I have the worst family living above me.  I can't afford to move and mentally I can't afford to stay here.  Seriously, I can HEAR the words to the arguments, I can feel the vibrations to the smackdowns.  And I live in a decent, full price apt.  people who live here work at American Express, Discover, Petsmart (all district and corporate offices).  I don't live in the ghetto, I just have domestic violence above me.

Nights like this make me want to move back 'home'.  At least I would have access to money there.  And I would be able to get some type of job.

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*sigh*  March has been a crappy month financially.  HARD hard month.  My entire tax return and then some went to fixing my car which did not pass inspection this time.  My entire small emergency fund that I had saved from LAST YEAR'S RETURN is gone.  Every penny of it.  And this week I have to renew my license and re-register my car.  Not sure what bill won't get paid because of that, but fortunately nothing will be shut off because it's all up to date(except for heat but that's not a priority right now).  It's just really disheartening and frustrating.  And I got volunteered for a project at my youngest daughter's head start class that ended up costing me $30 and I'm really upset about it.  I think it was very unfair of them to expect me to do this project and pay for all the supplies when I wasn't even asked.  I was expected to do it.  Everything just seems like it's coming on all at once.  I realized that I'm on my very last pair of contact lenses now and they should have been replaced already(I've already stretched their use beyond what's rational).  I know it's not a necessity because I have glasses but I haven't worn glasses regularly in 15years and it really gives me headaches.  Contacts are kinda necessary for me even though I know that sounds like a luxury.  :(  *sigh*  I don't like coming here and whining to strangers but I felt like if I didn't tell someone I might explode.  I felt like you guys would understand and not judge me and tell me that I just need to buckle down and save more or whatever.  I hate feeling absolutely stuck and one disaster away from losing our house or my car or whatever.  



Sorry.  I'll be more positive in a few days.  I'm just feeling really down and depressed lately.

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Our taxes went to our home birth, we have very little left. DH just got news he will be fired in 60 days and I'm having a baby in 6 weeks! I'm at the end of my rope.

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We are moving across the country in 30 days. I have no idea how I am going to pay for this.  This move is a personal choice but I can't afford to stay here any longer.     There are jobs where I'm moving to and things should be better its just getting there that is proving to be a major issue.

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March seems it's taking it's toll on everyone.  One piece of good news: I just did my phone interview with my food stamps caseworker and our food stamps are being increased $34 which is a HUGE deal.  A little bit of breathing room there is always nice the way food prices are rising.  



Here's hoping April is an improvement over March.

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Yep.  Still hanging on here- I drove on a donut for 3 weeks until I came up with the $ for a new tire- then the other one blew.  We are still working with our landlords on our extremely late rent payments and I will be begging for utilities not to be turned off again today.

However- my sweet hardworking husband got another part time job which will be great if we can just get caught up.

I am having massive back pain this month and cannot even think straight- uggg.


I am grateful for my very sweet and understanding 15 yr old girls who are helping out a ton.

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 a friend from college contacted me about a job as a sales rep and coordinator- it is commision based only but could lift us right out of poverty.  What do you suggest I tell my caseworker at DHS?  I am not making any money right now- do I just wait till i get my first check?  If it comes?  I don't want to hide it from them also don't want to get my funding cut on a job I am not making any income on.

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Originally Posted by Mom31 View Post

 a friend from college contacted me about a job as a sales rep and coordinator- it is commision based only but could lift us right out of poverty.  What do you suggest I tell my caseworker at DHS?  I am not making any money right now- do I just wait till i get my first check?  If it comes?  I don't want to hide it from them also don't want to get my funding cut on a job I am not making any income




I would wait until you get a check b/c of they need copies of the checks to even effect your benefits.

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Well that's not entirely true.  You could get a letter from your job saying how much you'll make and that would be sufficient to change your benefits, but you don't know how much you'll get in commission yet.  So I would wait a month to see what kind of cash you are getting from commission first.  They'll need an average ya know?  They can base if off your base pay but they won't know how much commission to figure in to decide what you are taking home every month.



Congrats on the new job! 

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Thanks!!! I am wanting to get child care covered this summer for it- so I am wanting to do something... but I will wait till i get my first account to do anything. Ugh.  This could bite me in the butt but hopefully not- I just got contact from the local university wanting to do a fundraiser- I hope they do it- it could be a big help to us!!!

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