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Keepsake Journals

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I know it is very early but I was just wondering have any of you thought about or started writing in a baby or pregnancy book or letters, etc.?  

My mom kept one for me.  

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I wrote in "The Belly Book" when I was pregnant with my son and I plan to do that again this time around. I've had so many miscarriages, though, that I don't actually buy it until I hear a heartbeat. So I'm just keeping track of everything on my calendar on my computer at the moment.


My son absolutely loves looking at the book, though! He brings it out all the time!

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We bought a nice leather bound journal and write letters.  We are also going to give our close family and friends the option of writing if they want to.  We didn't really like the pre-packaged baby books and pregnancy journals (especially since we aren't a traditional family...)



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I've been meaning to get one.


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I have always done love letter journals with each of mine. <3

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I just keep a journal...it starts off a TTC journal and morphs into the cute things they do and say.


I write down the things I'm doing and feeling in pregnancy.  The birth.  Then tell little stories from their days. 


I usually jot something down on the calendar and when I have time go back and write it out.  Only my 3 youngest have them though.  :(


I dont know when I'll give it to them though...wedding night, first baby, etc.

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Facebook is my journal...lol.gif

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I'm doing a journal, but I'm not sure if it's something I'll share with her someday or not.  It already contains a lot of my doubts and fears as well as hopes.  Maybe when she has kids of her own, and understands what an emotional rollercoaster it can be, I'll let her read it.


I still keep a baby book for Badger, though I don't write in it as often these days.  Maybe once or twice a year, so I think it'll last many years to come.  He doesn't change as rapidly these days, so there isn't as much to write.  I love the style of the book - lots of boxes to check and very short sections to write in, so it's more convenient for a busy mama to use.  Some of those baby books expect you to write pages and pages, which I just don't have time for.  I'll probably get another just like it for this baby.

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