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How do I "build a human" with good nutrition?

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My DS is 21 months old. Ever since he was born (or really ever since I was pregnant) I have been trying to provide him with the best nutrition. He is still breastfed and nurses 5-6 times a day at least. He loves solid foods and will eat mostly anything. We have tried to feed him mostly whole, organic foods. I honestly thought that was enough until I really started getting deeper into research and learned more about GMO's and other practices that create "frankenfoods". I started trying to find a way of eating that would work for my whole family. I have read Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" books, and I like the idea of eating foods that support a healthy immune system. However, I also came across the Weston A. Price website and I have to say that this style of eating appeals to me as well. Then I came to these forums and found MORE info about the paleo diet...it's overwhelming to say the least!


I'm really trying to serve my whole family, but I want to provide everything that my developing little guy needs, especially in creating a healthy immune system, but also in terms of healthy fats. However, my DH has issues as well. He is overweight (not terribly, but he is motivated to lose some weight) and he has severe eczema. I have always been on the slender side, but I could definitely stand to make better food choices for myself.


Have any of you sort of combined principles from the diets you found interesting? Or do you think it's better to strictly follow the guidelines of a specific diet? At this point I just try to stick with whole, organic food, while paying attention to how it was grown or raised. Nothing processed, and I try to make a lot from scratch. I am trying to cut refined sugar from my diet, it's mostly me who craves it, DS rarely if ever has it and DH could take it or leave it. I definitely have my weaknesses (white flour being a big one) but I could learn to live without it if I had some "rules" to follow.


Any advice?

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The best think I have every done for my family and myself was to start making green smoothies. My kids love them, and even my husband will drink them. I'm able to get a ton of nutrition into them with greens (spinach, kale, romaine) and other veggies, and tons of fruit that they wouldn't normally eat as much of. And they taste delicious, we all crave them now. Good luck in your search!

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