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I hope I'm posting this in the right forum!


The comments are fascinating!   One person writes: "research has shown that breastfed children tend to be healthier, more intelligent, well adjusted. their mouths form better so there is no need for braces.  One of the reasons is that human mild is much easier to digest and contains more nutrients to develope the brain."


I love the reply:  "Personally, I prefer to describe breastfeeding as the baseline and describe the risks of formula instead of the benefits of formula. It's an interesting exercise to rephrase a description of breastfeeding benefits to formula risks. For example, here is your statement reworded:

"research has shown that formula fed children tend to be less healthy, less intelligent, less adjusted. their mouths form irregularly so there is need for braces. there are many many more risks. one of the reasons is that formula is much harder to digest and contains less [sic] nutrients to develope the brain."