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Weekly Chat - January 23 - 29th

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Thought I'd get this us a couple hours early so it's here when you east coasters wake up!


Speaking of that, where's everybody from? I was shocked to find out there are 2 of us from Edmonton of all places, and I know there are a few other Canadians here, but how about everyone else?


Hope everyone has a great week!

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Thanks for starting up the new thread! :)

I'm from Chicago.


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Also Canadian.  I am actually a Canadian CRST (car seat tech) living in Nova Scotia and moving to Quebec in July.

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Cleveland, Ohio here! :)

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I'm also from Canada....Vancouver, BC!

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North Little Rock, Arkansas here :)


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bend, or!
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baytown tx. just east of houston.

i just enjoyed two waffles and a chai latte for breakfast. my kids are sick and we're getting new floors today...busy busy.
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I'm from Encinitas, CA, living in Switzerland for the last 4 years :)


MissE - waffles & a chai latte sound so good right now, and nothing sounds good to me lately!  Especially with lots of butter and maple syrup!

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I am from New Mexico but transplanted to the bay area.  Thanks for starting the thread Carlin!!

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I'm in Florida. :)

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OHHHH MissE i wold kill for some chai tea!!! ^_^ and here from Nashville Tn (well really from Michigan but as of may we are tennesse folk lol) Anyone else have RIDICULOUSLY warm weather today!??!?? its actually HOT outside here

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Oh no - now I want a chai latte!  Since I've been pregnant, I feel like I am always so cold!  And...I live in SC.  It's not so cold here. 

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Chai sounds awesome right now!  I too had waffles for breakfast, unfortunately they were eggos orngtongue.gif but they didn't make me want to hurl, so that's awesome in my book.



How is everyone's week starting off?


I just vacuumed behind the couch and found a piece of mail..... a GAS TERMINATION NOTICE irked.gif Thanks DH, for failing to tell me that I needed to schedule a service appointment to avoid getting our natural gas shut off!  Went online and scheduled an appointment.. FX they don't shut it off now.  We're getting income taxes back but I still don't want to have to pay a reconnection fee!

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I am in Portland, Maine :)


Getting my ultrasound tomorrow anxious and excited at the same time.  Luckily it is at 9:15 so I don't have to wait all day for it.  It will be nice to see a heart beat and get connected to this baby.

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I'm a Massachusetts girl, living in central NH.


I can't wait to get my ultrasound! Unfortunately I'm not scheduled until next month.


I'm super moody today. My oldest misplaced one of his school books and keeps telling me all of the places where it is not, instead of actually looking for it. Aargh! Most days this type of thing doesn't even faze me.

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I'm from lots of places, but as of less than a week before conception (quite a welcome, eh?) am living in Dallas, TX. Noooot looking forward to being here during the third trimester.. eyesroll.gif



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I'm from NY but an Army wife currently (as of conception week, like you Hyde!) living in Northern Virginia.


WindyCityMom, that would drive me bonkers!! I hope your gas doesn't get turned off. Good for you for moving the couches when you vacuum. I do that, um, bi-annually! 2whistle.gif

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I'm in Minnesota.......cold and snowing here.  I can't wait until spring! 

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Originally from rural western PA but now in the 'burbs in southwest Ohio.


I'm on the waffle train--that sounds delish!  And I just bought 2 boxes at Trader Joe's this morning....hmmm....

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