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Big hugs kelantan. I've had miscarriages start with spotting and no cramps and no spotting with cramps...so you really can't tell. I hope everything is fine...please keep us updated if you can. hug2.gif

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I have to throw it out there that my midwife is amazing. I had her with dd4, then had communicated with her during my last pregnancy (that resulted in a loss) and she was amazing through that.  She is one of the few people right now who know about this current baking baby and just now on FB, messaged me to see how things were going :)  I won't see her for another two weeks or so (she doesn't see clients until 10 weeks), but it just warmed my heart. stillheart.gif

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I adore my midwife as well. It is so nice to have that connection. After DS was born she became a good friend, actually I am co-throwing her Mother Blessing tomorrow- she is due in mid Feb. I can't imagine birthing with anyone else, except maybe her former assistant who is taking the midwifery entrance exams next month in order to become a partner in the practice! I'd be totally comfortable with either one, honestly.
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Thinking of you guys who are dealing with spotting and other scares.  hug2.gif



Here's my funny for the day:  I think my 5.5yo is having sympathy morning sickness!  Ever since I started feeling icky, she has been complaining about her stomach feeling bad. Just today, she said, "Mommy, I feel like I might throw up but it is staying down in my throat right here." (pointing to just under her Adam's apple)  Uh, yeah, I know how that feels, sweetie!   Actually that is one of two funny things from my kids today.  My 4yo was sitting on my lap, and I asked her about her thoughts on another baby. In the course of responding, she said, "Well Mommy, when we watch lots and lots of tv, you usually have another baby in your belly."  Ooops. Perceptive little bugger, isn't she?


I am feeling super exhausted and physically weak and unsettled in the tummy. I am totally counting down the days till 10w which is when I usually feel better. I am such a wimp--I could not handle being super sick like some of you, you poor things!

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Thank you all so much. I really don't know what to do or think. The bleeding started up again tonight. I did too much today. We went to Chuck E Cheese (the ONLY thing around here to do with kids) and Joann's and cleaned and i need to just take a break. We'll see. I am kinda dreading going to church tomorrow. Everyone knows we've been trying and i am starting to look "fat" where people will start to question if i am pregnant. And i really don't want to deal with it. I just want to see the baby's heart beat... if it's there. I just don't know what to think. I've felt super cautious during this entire pregnancy. I dunno. My heart just feels like it is breaking a little. 


Thank you for your stories, support, and experience. I appreciate it a ton. Really Really. I know that God's hand is in all things. And whatever happens... i know he will sustain me.


PinkBunch: that is pretty hilarious! It makes me smile! My dh has a really bad back and just today my son was going "oh dad, my back hurts so much. i need medicine" haha. It's too cute.


Judybean and maddie: i'm so glad you love your midwives! That is just so wonderful! Having a supportive environment in birthing is crucial!


mymaya, windycitymom, judybean, crys, miranda, and carmen (and if i forgot anyone): thanks for sharing your stories. I know it's hard to go through and i appreciate hearing both the good! and the bad. 


well, i think i'm going to be early... again. I just don't want to think about it too much. Everything is a symptom of loss to me. I hope all continues to go well for all of you!

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kelantan -- My heart goes out to you tonight. Know that you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. <3

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kelantan- you are in my thoughts!  try to get some rest & keep yourself hydrated.  love & light.

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Kelantan-  I have been thinking about you all night... I was up... a lot... I hope all goes well for you and am praying for you lots. 

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Kelantan - keep us posted, thinking about you tons!

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kelantan:thinking about you. i hope your next ultrasound is gonna confirm a happy little bean in you.
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kelantan - I have been thinking about you and hoping you get good news from your u/s.

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Thinking about you Kelantan! hug2.gif

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Hi. I live in the Bay Area in CA.  I'm so happy to be here.  Any other mamas 40+?  



Should I start a thread for 40+ mamas?





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Still thinking about you, kelantan  <3

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Thinking of you Kelantan! I have had spotting in all three of my full-term pregnancies, but not really in my losses. My losses began swiftly, and the result was pretty clear.
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Also thinking of you Kelantin hug2.gif

I had a fair amount of bleeding/spotting (some red) with DD -- my doctor said it was probably the placement of the placenta. It can be directly over the cervix in early pregnancy and then move. I think that you're still having symptoms is a great sign (not that lack of symptoms at this stage is a problem, but you're having them for a reason, I think).

I was tired an nausous all day today, but I'm being optimistic and hey, it's a good sign.

I'm also thinking about converting some pants to maternity. I have a sewing machine and an aversion to spending money on clothes ... let alone clothes that'll only be good a few months!
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Originally Posted by crystal_buffaloe View Post

I am nauseous this morning and I was *so happy*
I know it's bizarre, and I'm really sorry for anyone suffering from hypermesis, but lawd above, the lack of symptoms was playing mind games with me.
On a related note, I'm nauseous and my computer is not working (and I'm on MDC!) and so I'm pretty sure I should just take myself home and quit the farce that is my office hour.

I had hypermesis last time ... and even I am feeling happy to be nauseous this time lol.gif  I agree with the mindgames - when I am not feeling sick (and I only do late at night this time around) I wonder if everything is okay y/l?

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hug2.gif Kelantin - hoping for some sticky baby pictures for you this week.




Welcome MarnieG - Glad to have you!

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