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Yes, DD does seem MUCH happier in many aspects. She has been much more gental latley. For example, DD normally has a VERY hard time being nice to her little brother- I mean, she could be down right hateful at times. She was so mean to DS for so long, he wouldnt even let her give him a hug and kiss good night anymore. He would scream at her to get away from him. It. Was. Bad.  Since she has stopped the visits to her GPs, I havent seen any more of that behaviour from her, at all. Its wonderful! Theyre actually playing together. Shes sharing her toys with him and this makes DS much happier too. Hes not quite to the point of letting her love him good night yet, but hes warming up.


DD has also been much nicer to me. I get lots of hugs and kisses from her- I now get as much as I give.  Just last night, we where making our bannana, flax and almond milk smooties before bed ( Yum! yummy.gif ) and she suddenly stopped chopping the bananas to tell me 'sorry mama'. When I asked her why she was sorry, she told me that she knew that she hadnt been very nice to me latley, and that I didnt deserve that. I teared up a little happytears.gif. That was a great moment for the 2 of us.


Shes doing much better. Im very happy with my choice. Not to mention, she is showing more and more of an intrest in my religion and speading time with me, observing what it is that I do. She also tried a little meditation with me 2 nights ago. She wasnt able to sit still for long, but atleast she tried and that ment alot to me, and I let her know that. Not that I expect her to sit still for long, but considering she has ADHD she did a great job! lol.gif


Thank you so much for recommending those books for us. DD was recently asking to see more pictures of the Goddesses. She thinks that theyre lovley and she also really enjoys the stories behind each one. Well, now I know another thing that I should buy with our income tax return. orngbiggrin.gif


Thanks again, Mama, for your book suggestions and for your concern. You all have been a great support system for me during this difficult time. Big hugs and much love to you all.  grouphug.gif

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma.  First, I commend you for wanting your daughter to have a relationship with her grandparents despite the religious differences.  They are her grandparents I'm sure they love her very much.  However, you are her mother and therefore you have the ultimate say to how your daughter is raised and unless you are negligent or abusive (which is not the case here) no one has the right to instill ideas into your daughter's head ... not even her grandparents.


I think it's great that you are allowing your daughter to choose her spiritual path because it shows that you respect other people's beliefs and want your daughter to do the same.  But you need to take into account that your daughter is only six... she might be too young to really make that choice.  Spirituality is a very deep and personal thing maybe when she is older and understands things more, she can make that choice.


But getting back to the grandparents, I think you need to have a sit-down with them and explain that it is not acceptable to tell their grand-daughter that her mother is going to hell.  Explain that it's important for your daughter to love and respect them but she also needs to love and respect her mother as well.  Tell them you want them to be a part of your daughter's life but not at the expense of them turning her against you.  Religion should never be used as a weapon, especially when a child is involved. 


I hope this helps and I wish you luck.



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