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For a fun container we used an empty mini M&M tube that DS received at Christmas one year. It actually was a great size, and treats like blueberries didn't get crushed. It also looked cool. We also got some mini containers with bright colored tops and having a bunch of mini treats (one big strawberry, some cashews, goldfish crackers etc) was well received. Also, I think this phase will pass as kids get more savvy about what's actually inside the mini packages. (Not much!)

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I know.  I guess there was an incident in the past where a child brought a bottle of vitamins and shared them.  Any medication is not allowed in school, unless it is in the nurse's office.  Even students in Jr./Sr. high can get in trouble for having a bottle of ibuprofen, etc.  in their locker or purse.  


I bought a bottle of gummie supplements and they look just like gummie bears.  I just put 2 in his lunch (the recommended daily dose).  He was sooooo happy, and hasn't complained about his lunch at all the rest of this week.  Woo too!  


We do have some jazzy containers and reusable bags.  I make new reusable bags every fall, and he gets to choose the fabric.  We also have the containers from the laptop lunch and some Lock and Lock containers (if anyone is looking for a container to hold wet foods that does NOT leak and is easy for kids to open, consider Lock and Lock).



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The gummy vitamins we buy from Whole Foods both 365 and Rhino? maybe look identical to regular gummy bears. I am trying to wrap my brain around a school that allows gummy candy but not vitamins -- but -- what about getting some little gummy wrappers for them.

What are gummy wrappers?

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I don't know how old he is, but I would ask him to get more involved.  He could help pack his lunch.  My DD makes her lunch twice a week and we talk about healthy foods and choices, and I get her input so that I can shop and get a few things for her that she really likes, like granola bars or some whole grain sunchips or something that we both agree on.  We also talk about packaging - those non-reusable bags all just go in the garbage.  

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I'd say that he should pack it too. DD ends up with a very similar lunch to the one I make but if she packs it, then she is happier about it... We use a PlanetBox too... I give her some required guidelines: some fruit, veggie of some sort, a source of protein. Then she can pack a sweet treat and something closer to munchies with it, like pretzels or organic cheese puffs.

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