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Spotting or bleeding

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Who has had this so far and everything has been overall fine?  Bright red or brown?  What seemed to be the cause?  


I had some brown light spotting for a few days in my 9th week or maybe 10th for no reason that could be found then for several days after a surgery, all is fine with the baby.  I am 13 weeks and saw bright red blood today but not a lot.  

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I just had this last week--although a bit earlier than you (as I was 7 weeks when it started).  First, it was red, and then for about a week,  I continued to have brown spotting.  Very scary, but everything looked absolutely fine on the ultrasound.  The OB I saw in the ER, and then my own OB both said the same thing--it's not really clear what the cause is, but probably is the result of the placenta  trying to attach to the uterine wall, and if the ultrasound looks good, it is nothing to worry about.  They said to not be surprised by more red or brown spotting, and only to worry if it got really heavy (like bleeding through pantiliners within an hour).


Good luck! I hope it is all okay.

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So far no bleeding this time, but I did have some around this time (12 weeks) with Cecilia. The causes are really varied. It can be anything from some mild trauma to your cervix to, well, nothing that anyone knows. Sometimes sex is the culprit. You have something like 40% more blood in your body when you're pregnant, and I think it makes your skin a little more sensitive! With Cecilia I had enough to see on the TP, but not enough to soak a pantiliner or pad.

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I had some brown spotting when I was pregnant with my son, but not this time around. To be perfectly honest, it makes me more nervous that I didn't have any spotting this time, since I never had any spotting with my miscarriages. If the bleeding is associated with lots of cramping, I'd probably give my doc a call.

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I was told at my 9 week u/s that I had a subchorionic bleed and that I could expect some spotting.  Sometimes if the little dude burrows in really deep, it can cause pockets of blood that eventually burst.  So, there are apparently lots of normal reasons for spotting.  I agree with everyone else that as long as it's not heavy and not associated with heavy cramping, you're probably fine.  That being said, I'm soooo glad I haven't bled yet because I would completely freak out.  It's hard to be rational under the circumstances. 


It sounds like you're fine though!  Best of luck and keep us updated.

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Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences; it is reassuring that you have experienced this too and it was OK.  I remember FeralFox did also.  SallyRae I am so very sorry for your losses.  

Called the doctor and was told to rest which I am already suppose to be doing anyway and to call if it happened again.  I have an appointment this week that was already scheduled.  I am sure all is fine but like LilyTiger says it is sometimes hard not to get a bit stressed.  I do wish I never would have read the What to Expect When You are Expecting book.  

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Hope all's well in there!  Looking forward to hearing good things after your appt this week!

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All was fine, yay!  Saw the baby throwing a mini party in there.  I am surprised I can't feel all of that movement all the time.  They don't know why exactly I am having this but after talking to another doctor I won't be too surprised if this continues to happen on and off during my pregnancy.  Also I was seeing small tissue looking stuff (so sorry for too much information, but hopefully this helps others who are searching for reassurance too) so it is such a relief all is going just fine in there.  

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yay!!! great news Sol!

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Wonderful! Glad everything is looking good.

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So happy to hear that all looks great! I am sorry I wasn't around to lend some support when you first posted, super busy these days.

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I really appreciate this thread.  I'm in my 10th wk and have been having very light pink spotting off and on for 5 days.  I have been fighting my anxiety and wanting to talk about it but also needing to try and not think about it at the same time.  I've had a prior loss at 12 wks and till I'm past that milestone I wont be entirely relaxed.  Anyway, I called my midwife and she assured me that if there was no cramping, which there isn't, then it is most likely nothing at all.  This situation has got me back into daily meditation to keep calm, I am grateful for that --  do my utmost to send lots of healing energy to the baby and myself. 








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My spotting has most likely been from the polyp on my cervix. I also have a fibroid & cysts on my ovaries. So the least-likely cause is the placenta/fetus. I still had to get a rhogam shot just in case (I'm rh negative), but I'm not overly worried. I am glad I had these things diagnosed prior to or early in pregnancy and that I had an ultrasound to confirm the embryo was in my uterus. 

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Glad to hear everything is okay in there Sol!

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Thanks everyone.  hug2.gif

Joy2grow, so sorry for your loss.  You have every right to worry and sorry to hear this is happening to you too.  I am glad you did call your MW.  Sometimes it does seem like a mind game doesn't it.  It doesn't help that I really don't know what is normal and what isn't yet.  I do love how you direct all your good energy towards the baby and try to relax.  love.gif  

Eleuthia, I am sorry you are also experiencing this with issues.  I am Rh + but I didn't know Rh - could be a cause of that too. Glad you had an ultrasound and all is good, that is great news.  I sometimes wish I could have the HB checked every week, it is a great sound to hear.  

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Thank you for the kind words, Sol. 


After a day with no spotting, it came back yesterday more red.  I also had lower back pain all day yesterday, which my EMT trained husband says qualifies as cramping.  All but one trip to the bathroom was red tinged and very mucous-y.  I was having a hard time staying optimistic until I read so many stories of women bleeding all the way through pregnancy (on babygaga.com and other sites) now I'm more determined than ever to keep my attitude elevated -- plus I have a 5yr old depending on me & I don't want to transfer anxiety to her.  I know there are other reasons to bleed in the first trimester and I would gladly take those problems over losing this baby. 


I'm not sure but I'm wondering now if some of my other pregnancy symptoms have diminished some in the past couple of days -- my breasts are not quite as sore and I'm not as desperately hungry, although crying and being upset can diminish appetite a lot too.  It wasn't till the blood turned more red that I broke down. I'm just not sure, could be paranoia.  Only time will tell as I have no access to ultra sound, or even my midwife in person (she's in a nearby city several hrs away).   I understand that these symptoms could go on for weeks before miscarriage.  I sure hope not!


Thanks for reading....besides my husband I don't want to talk to people I see in daily life about this yet. 

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Oh no, Joy2grow! I know it doesn't help much, but I'm definitely sending you sticky baby vibes!! goodvibes.gif

I'm thinking such positive thoughts for you!!

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It does help.  Thank you Jamie hug.gif

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Joy2grow, can you talk to your MW again since it has changed in both color and frequency?  I don't think you are overreacting at all.  Or since you don't have access to an ultrasound maybe go the ER to make sure all is fine so they just pick up a heartbeat?  Or maybe your husband given his medically trained background can pick up the heartbeat to give you some peace of mind?  I don't know how all of that works at all so just throwing out some thoughts.  At any rate sending you good thoughts and prayers for you and the baby.  hug2.gif

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Sol, I read your post just before going to bed and I woke up realizing that you are right, I need to be figuring out how to get answers and not resigning myself to waiting this out.  There is still red with every wipe, now with the occasional very small clotty looking thing.  I'm glad that you shared that detail in your post, it does help me not completely lose hope.  My struggle with seeking medical intervention is based on my prior loss.  In 2009 the bleeding came on suddenly, I went for an ultra sound that day, saw a healthy baby and heartbeat, and then lost him/her anyway only a few hours after returning home.  Now I'm feeling like what's the use of persuing u/s when it can fail me so miserably?  I'm not sure what's preferable. Possibly false hope or trying to maintain it on my own day after day.


There is a clinic where I live and *if* they even have doppler I could go in tomorrow afternoon to look for a heartbeat.  My hesitation with this option is I've read lots of stories about people not professed in using doppler not finding heartbeats that are in fact there. I'm 11 weeks, 2 days now and I'm not sure that's far enough along for the novice user to work with.  The doctor is actually my next door neighbor and we are friendly acquaintances.  I could call her privately and directly ask her about her experience.  What do you think? 


Because of my work schedule, the other option is to drive to town next Friday or Saturday for an ultra sound at a clinic there.  When I spoke to my midwife before she said referring me for an ultra sound was the only thing she could do.  I was hoping perhaps a physical examination would be offered to see if my cervix was open or closed, but no.  Actually, till I put down a $200 deposit she is not "officially" working with me, I've just had my initial consultation.  My next appointment with her is not till Feb 25th because of the money issue.  I do think they would probably be open to just a quick doppler check if I asked though. Is a heart beat even enough at this point?

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