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So they do have doppler at the local clinic, but I'm going to wait till I'm further along to avoid the unnecessary stress of not finding a heartbeat when there actually is one.  I've not decided whether to pursue u/s next week end or not.  Despite the continuous shock of seeing blood every time I pee (12 + times a day!) and the amount of blood increasing, things do seem to be progressing -- my appetite is back up and I've gained another pound.  Naturally I've read a lot about bleeding in early pregnancy and some times this just happens, till I have evidence one way or the other I choose to believe things are OK. Praying for this baby to stay put and grow to full term.


Thanks for reading/listening.


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Joy2grow--sorry you are going through such a stressful ordeal.  Sending hugs and hope your way!

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I've been spotting very frequently this time from about 6 weeks onward. It starts of red and switches to brown, then goes away. It is scary every time though. The baby looked fine on the US a week ago. My midwife told me that it's common to burst vessels on the cervix and see spotting.

Joy2grow, hope your little bean is growing just fine inside.
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I'm 14 weeks and just had a bleed.  I coughed and bright red blood squirted out.  It actually felt that I had peed myself.  Bits seemed to come out when peeing but nothing on the pad at all.


Very curious to me.


I went into my midwife the next day and the baby sounded fine.  Took and ultrasound the next day - placenta previa.  My placenta was trying to build a blood supply in my uterus.  When I coughed, a little broke off and thus the blood.


Scary I know.


While I am hoping, praying and visualizing movement - I know that it is enevitable that I will bleed again.  Sometimes people will bleed for a week, and some never again.


My midwife told me that one of her patients spotted every month throughout her entire pregnancy.


In my first pregnancy I had a bleed at about 8 weeks.  It never came back again.  I had a healthy little boy.

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Oh, Joy, btw.  I'm larger and in past pregnancies couldn't hear baby by doppler at 11-12 weeks when everyone else could hear it, but at 15-16 weeks (and average of 4 weeks longer than everyone else).


I could hear it at 11 weeks 3 days - so I would encourage you to go ahead and take a listen.  It might take a little longer, but it will give you such a mental release when you hear it.


And I know you will!



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With me the doppler did take awhile like Lisa says, the HB was finally found, just took a bit longer.  The ultrasound found it immediately.  

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Thanks marinak1977 and lisarenee25 for sharing your experiences.  Each time I hear of bleeding happening and things being OK it gives me a burst of hope!  Thanks for the hugs rebecca10 and Sol_y_Paz your kindness is much appreciated. 


Motivated by your suggestions I went to the local clinic today in hopes of getting a doppler reading.  Turns out one of the nurses, Kathy, has experience in OB.  When she found out I was only 11wks 4days she warned me how tough it can be to find a heartbeat, she said she would try but that I should come back tomorrow right when they open so she could really take her time. Based on her reaction I decided I'd better just go right to getting an ultra sound for the best information.  My appointment is this Friday at 8:45am. 


My midwife was encouraged that I've still had no cramping and also said as long as the amount of blood was equivalent to a light period it was a better sign.  I am also encouraged by noticing that my belly is becoming rounder and popping out!  I told DH of my observations and he said it was possible for me to keep growing even if....but I'm still choosing to see it as a positive sign, plus I've been excitedly waiting for the pop and I want to celebrate it for what it is worth.  I am praying like never before and feel myself spiritually growing in the midst of this uncertainty and fear, that is a blessing in and of itself. 


I sure hope all our stories have the happy ending we desire so deeply.



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joy2grow - I really hope you hear good news on Friday. I know how stressful the waiting period can be before an ultrasound. Keep us posted!

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joy2grow, sending you tons of goodvibes.gif.  Keep us updated!

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I'll checking for your update today Joy2grow! Nothing but positive energy coming your way!

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Well, this is not the happy news I was hoping to share, but it is closure and I am glad for that.  The baby actually stopped growing at 6 weeks, but my body kept on pumping out hormones and growing the sack till week 10, which is when the bleeding started.  I've had two deep soul cries and now feel oddly peaceful -- I know some of that if from all your prayers lifting me up, thank you so much.  I've yet to actually miscarry so I'll be doing what I can to stimulate that naturally.   I wish you all the best on your continued pregnancies and hope to be back in a DDC soon. 

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joy2grow, I'm sending you healing thoughts.  I hope for the best as you move through this loss.  So sorry.  hug2.gif

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joy2grow,  I'm so sorry for your loss.  Wishing you lots of peace.

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Joy, my thoughts are definitely with you.  My mood sank when I read your post.  I had so much hope, but look forward to seeing you in another DDC soon!


This is just one incident, one moment in time - and soon, you will have a lovely baby in your arms!



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I'm so sorry, joy2grow. i hope you continue to find peace and that the physical process happens naturally (and without too much pain). 

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I'm so sorry to hear your news joy2grow - I truly hope you have strong and loving arms and spirits around you to support you in the rough time. Be gentle with yourself. We are here to talk anytime.

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Oh Joy2Grow, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've had the same sort of missed miscarriage 3 times before. It's pretty frustrating - you wonder why your body just won't let go. At least, that's what I wondered every time. I truly hope that your body is able to let go naturally and that you will become pregnant again when you are ready. I'll be thinking about you.

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