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Originally Posted by elevena true View Post

the 9 months on, 9 months off freaks me out considering i have at least 15 extra pounds i am carrying around from this baby. and we are at 6 months now..... but really, i haven't found much time to exercise and i get sooooo hungry nursing, not to mention that i am taking domperidone to bring up my milk supply, which is known to keep some of the weight lingering.....so all that considered i guess i am thankful to have just the 15 hanging on when i gained over 50# with this pregnancy.


i don't mind this little bit extra, it's livable for now, but i do look forward to the day when i don't have to be quite so careful about tanking my milk supply and i have an hour once a week to take a run.

Same here! There's no way I'm going to lose this in 3 months. :(


BTW- it's good to see you back in the DDC elevena true!


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Originally Posted by cakemama579 View Post

ZUMBA baby!  Size 6 now, woohoo!  Only one more size to go before prebaby size!


oooh, how I miss Zumba! I cannot wait to start going again!



So, I am trying to focus on how much I move instead of how much I eat (I cannot cut back, that would be a disaster for me)...So, there was a callback for ipod nanos, and I had a pretty old beat up one, sent it in and the one the sent back has a pedometer on it. I have to say, since I started using it, I am paying more attention as to how much I moved around. Last week I even went for a walk w the baby since the step number seemed low....I guess these little tricks will be the motivator for me otherwise I do not know when I can workout and not cause a significant chaos in my daily life. Sigh...still have 13 pounds to go prepg and that was about 5 pounds heavier that my normal weight. 


you guys give me hope!

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I am just wondering for those who are following Weight Watchers and nursing, what you are doing with your points as you introduce solids?  Are you dropping right away to 7 extra points or staggering it?


I have been working at getting the weight off since October and I am down 16 pounds since then which puts me at my weight when I got pregnant.  I just need to get off the 30 pounds now that I gained before getting pregnant.

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aww, thanx cat. i've been lurking about, just find it hard to manage hands for thoughtful posts!

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