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Congrats and welcome Elspeth!  Another queer couple!!  I may be wrong, but I think that make just the two (four) of us!  I'm impressed (and a teensy bit jealous) that you guys got pregnant on the first try, but thrilled for you!!  I'm the gestational parent in my relationship, and it's our first as well.  We tried with a KD, but had to switch to frozen after months of it not working.  But, we got pregnant on our first try with the frozen, which was awesome!  Whereabouts are you living?


Oh, and if you want to be added to the EDD list, just post over on that thread. 

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Thanks, Dandy! I know, it was really fast; I was mentally prepared for it to take several months, but DP insisted that she'd get pregnant on the first try, and she was right. We're planning for me to carry our second child in another few years, using the same KD, and I wonder if I'll get pregnant as easily as she did. Oh yeah, we live in Virginia.

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Well, it's pretty awesome that you did! Congrats!! It's great to have you here!

(I bet spring-time has come to VA.  We have a while to wait before we see warmer days up here, and I can't wait.)

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Hello everyone and congratulations joy.gif


My name is Sarah and this will be our 5th child if he/she sticks around.  I am mother to 3 boys and one girl ranging from 15yrs to 3 yrs.  My last baby was born Oct 08, so this is my second October due date.  My edd is somewhere between 11th and 14th Oct I think but I need a scan to be sure (because my menstrual period is not a regular 28 days but can go up to 31-32)


I have told my parents but not our children yet.  I have a sense of foreboding so don't want to say anything to them this early.

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I've been reading here for a week or so, but just joined. I came over from the 40+ TTC thread. It's still quite early, 6 weeks, so I'm nervous, but there's nothing to do but wait and see so I try not to stress. 


I've got two girls, now 8 and 12. I've wanted a third for a while...but I had an IUD and my DH isn't totally on board. He's actually freaking out a bit (though at first, he seemed to take the news pretty well). We'll see. He was nervous about the first two, so it is probably his nature!


EDD is late October based on the little calculators. I'll see my doctor tomorrow--it's actually just a well-woman check up, as I didn't know I was PG when I made the appointment. We'll see what she says. 


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