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3 Months Old and Still Won't Breastfeed :(

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I've been exclusively feeding my little daughter expressed breastmilk, but I would really like to try to get her feeding from the breast.  She was a c-section and she has never latched on, hates breastfeeding positions, and seems to HATE being asked to nurse.  I've spoken to three LCs, my midwife, my local LLL, I'm at my wit's end!


Things I've tried:


Pumping until let down and then offering

Offering at the beginning of each feeding

Offering at the end of each feeding

Dream Feeding

Skin to Skin for hours at a time

Laid Back Breastfeeding

Nipple shields




If anyone has any suggestions, please help.


(thought I should mention I have great supply, I do not have over-active letdown, and we do paced bottle feeding)

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You are doing a great job by doing your absolute best.  My friend was a La Leche League leader and had nursed 3 daughters and when her son was born, she couldn't get him to latch on.  She got him nursing after he had cranial-sacral work done.  I don't really understand how this works, but it did work for her.  



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It took my dd three months before she would latch on.  I did most of what you did. (I did take great pains to avoid nipple confusion.) One day, it just clicked, like magic. I hope it does for you.  It would have helped to know that there was at least one Mom out there who was like me who succeeded. 


After that magical day, my dd became a strong nurser who eventually weaned herself at the age of 3.  Hang in there, it can happen.

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You said skin to skin for hours at a time... a 3 month old can easily go hours between feeding.  When I was trying to get my DS back on the breast, I had to devote 3 days to it.  Do nothing else, spend all that time topless, and he absolutely could not have a bottle.  If he wanted to eat, his only choice was the breast.  He fought it hard the first day.  The second day he fought a little less hard, and the third day he stopped fighting it.  It was incredibly difficult emotionally, I won't lie.  It takes perseverance on your part, and a willingness to let them get hungry enough to stop fighting. 


So long as the bottle is an option, why work for it?



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FYI- No real help but I wanted to to mention that my cousin was determined to bf and didn't get her son to latch until four months. When the baby finally figured it out they stopped using the bottles the next day.


So sometimes it does happen later. Good luck.

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I also had a c-section and my milk did not come in fully for my twins so they got a bad association with my breast.  I.E. those tings dont have milk so why should I suck on it.  After Eping for a month i got them back on.  My midwife suggested putting them in the bath with me and just letting them be in the water and on me and that this could help restart them so to speak.  I think it somehow mimics the womb.  She said to be real casual about it, let them play with your breast/nipple and just see how it goes. 


good luck, I have been there and I know it sucks. 



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