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Opinions from target audience

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Sorry I've been MIA.  Elliott has been sleeping (or not sleeping I should say) horribly.  I am exhausted!  He isn't napping well either so I don't have much time to do anything during the day.  I can crochet while he naps on me, that's about it.  I have a lot of catching up to do on the Facebook page and on here.  Anyway, I am trying to earn some money from home, but I have no real idea how to price my stuff.  Can you check out my craigslist posting and see if it seems reasonable?  I don't want to price too high and not sell any, but I don't want to sell too cheap either.  Here's the link:




Thanks for your input. 

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I have no idea but those hats are adorable!!!


I bought a hat similar to the bear one you have there, and I paid $25 for it.  I think you could probably ask a bit more.

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Those are beautiful Bree!  I think your pricing looks about right.  I wish I could knit with DD on me, but I'm always so up and down with DS, that I don't bother picking anything up these days.  I'm glad that if you're pinned under Elliot so often, that you've found a way to occupy your hands.  That's amazing!


Regardless, they are very lovely.  I LOVE the sweet little ruffled brim one, with the pink ribbon.  Adorable!

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Great idea!  Those are precious! I like the one with the loooong back! Pricing seems good - could be higher, but this way you'll sell more.

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Thanks ladies.  I was worried the pricing was slightly high so this was good info.  Thanks!

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For your help...and because you guys are my peeps and have helped me so very much over the last year, I would like to make you one.  Tell me which style you like and I will ship one off to you.  My thank you to you. :)  You lucky three. :)



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Bree, can I ask where you got the pattern, or did you make it up. I'd love to make a few for my sister who is due next month.

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When my friend started making ring slings and custom diaper bags, she charged double the cost of materials. I think $15 is a great deal.

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Some I made up and some I looked up online.  Youtube has been really helpful, especially one called Art of Crochet by Teresa.  She has a ton of videos to help.  The basic beanie is easy.  You just chain 4 and then join.  Then I half double crochet into the center 12 times.  After that I increase in each stitch for the first row, then every other for the second, every third for the next, etc until it's big enough for the crown of the head and then I don't increase and just go straight down.  The Youtube videos are super helpful!

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those are super cute!  thought about starting an etsy site?  (sorry if that was already discussed and i missed it)

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I would charge a bit more for the animal ears(what if someone wants rabbit ears?) but otherwise looks good! 

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