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Resetting a sleep cycle?

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My DS is now 7 weeks old and in the last week has apparently determined that sleeping between the hours of 4:30-7:30am is for losers. This is REALLY NOT OK with me (or DH)... Due to our schedules it means I've been running on three hours of sleep a night.

He isn't hungry. Well, maybe he is hungry when he first wakes up, but he only eats for about ten minutes, then he just wants to latch - nibble nibble - pull off - latch - nibble - pop off - fuss fuss - latch - fuss fuss -nibble nibble - pop off ..... Then at 7:30 he'll actually nurse for real again, and go back to sleep.

He's been a little gassy during these wakes but nothing ridiculous. He is just WIDE AWAKE and fussy if ignored (ie, if I go back to sleep).

I'm tired and my nipples hate me after three hours of this. How do I get him to shift his "oh, it's morning now!" time to, say... 7am instead?

ETA to clarify (now that I've had some breakfast and have shaken off a bit of brain fog): I don't mind waking up to nurse him during the night (obviously). And up until now, he's been really easy about it... he might wake up every 2 hours, but it was an easy routine: change him, latch him, fall back asleep. No problem. Broken sleep is still sleep!

But now he's sleeping longer - maybe 3-4 hours - and now when he wakes up, I change him, latch him, he nurses as usual for about 10 minutes... and then it's like he shakes himself awake, like he realizes he's about to fall asleep and is violently opposed to the idea. His nursing at that point changes. He's not nursing to eat anymore, and he's not even sleepy flutter-nursing. He's like... frantically nibbling. Sometimes even with sound effects to underline his turmoil. (It would be adorable if I wasn't so damned tired and he wasn't so obviously disturbed!)

He is still sleeping/napping well, and often, throughout the day. We co-sleep and he wouldn't have it any other way - he still won't sleep alone at any time, day or night.

So how do I adjust his awake/asleep timing without traumatizing him? TIA. =)
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Sorry no reply yet.  I bumped this up because someone might have some better advice.  I am (supposed to be) a very sound sleeper in the morning, and this kind of thing drove me nuts!


How is he doing now these 2 weeks?  Does he ever nurse like this during the day?  Or just this time of the morning?

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Well thanks. =)

Things are a lot better, actually. I don't know that I even did anything, it's like he just decided to go back to being a reasonable baby. xD He was nursing fine during the day... Actually everything was normal during the day, except he'd sleep more cuz he wasn't sleeping much at night. =P

9 weeks old now, and he's even started to sleep a bit on his own (if I can put him down when he's completely conked, he'll stay asleep, huzzah!). So I dunno. Maybe it was just a phase? Growth spurt? Who knows!
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