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Hi there everyone -


I've posted on here in the past but thought I'd do an Intro too.


I'm on the older side, have a 1 year old boy, and am struggling with working, getting a divorce from my husband who wants very much to be involved (very complicate things there), being single, being a single mom. 


I am loving every second of my little boy. 


I gravitated towards Mothering because I embrace some but not all of the ideas that are generally supported here. 


That said I'm having a hard time finding a online community/home because I don't fit in any parenting camp in particular (but who does?)...I had a natural birth but with pitocin and antibiotics in a hospital (and let me tell you - I was very glad to have had a doula to advocate for me!). I vaccinate, but baby wear and co-sleep.  I didn't do CIO but I do have to let him cry sometimes as I'm having a hard time doing it all. 


I have to work and just started him in daycare in NYC and it's killing me.  I need ideas on how to not feel like I'm abandoning my baby and to get him healthier food (he has silent reflux so while he's one he's not keen on real solids yet). 


It was a financial strain having an nanny for 6 months and I can't not work so I can't have him at home anymore.  And it's NYC which means good places with caring caretakers and teachers aren't cheap.


I feel like I sound negative but it's been a difficult two weeks and I'm feeling a little down about things.  I'm even bummed about sounding negative because I was feeling happy, really happy for the first time in a long time.  This is just a little bump :)


I'm going to start perusing the forums and see where I can try to jump in!

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Hello & Welcome! Life is full of ups and downs. I hope things stay up for you!

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