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Ultrasound pics!

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Let's share some u/s pics!!!


Baby bean at 6w1d:





Upside down gummy bear baby at 11w2d:





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Adorable gummi bear! I only have one so far, but with my diabetes, I'll end up with a few extra scans, so I'll have more to post later. Here's my tiny gummi bear at 7 weeks:


photo (25).JPG

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I already foisted this one on everyone, but it looks like you're all going to see it again!  Gummy Bear/Giant Alien Head at 9 weeks, 3 days.

You can actually see the facial bones in this one (and his/her creepy little brain lobes).  Crazy!



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I was like 5w6d.... REALLY EARLY


Here is my oldest running around with the picture in triumph. FIST BUMP!!!! 



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13 weeks and 4 days (roughly)!  I don't know why it looks like there's a creepy alien eye, but that's the profile.  We got to see lots of kicking and flipping around, which was super cool.



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I had an impromptu ultrasound today at 13 and 2 because silly baby was at a weird angle and couldn't be heard on the doppler (even though we heard it fine two weeks ago at 11 and 2). Here's the lovey!



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Here is the cute pic (12w3d): 




Aaaaand here is the freaky frontal view of an alien/luchador(a)/member of the Misfits: 


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AHhahahahahaha!  I love that pic, Eleuthia!  It's so funny how much they can look like crazy aliens if you get them from the right angle.  Ours you could see the brain lobes (like above) and it was just hilarious.  Was yours dancing at all?  Ours was trying to climb up the uterus and flip over.  Very active today during the u/s.

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Great pics, ladies. Eleuthia, the second one is truly amazing; that hand in the air just rounds it all out! I find it crazy that mine could look just like that now.

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LilyTiger, yeah, it twirled around a few times and was waving. So cool to see movement! 

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Here's my alien skull one from today, though it's not as awesome as yours, eleuthia!! orngbiggrin.gif



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Here's the profile and two pics of cute little fetal feet! 



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The tiny feet are way too cute!

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looove the feet!

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Love these!  I wish I had a scanner so I could put mine up.

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Ohhh the feet are so cute!!!

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Originally Posted by FeralFox View Post

Love these!  I wish I had a scanner so I could put mine up.

You can take a pic of it and post that!


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The feet just make me die laughing.  I don't know what it is about them, but I just keep looking at the pic and my heart explodes.  Baby feet!

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I'm pretty bummed.  I thought the tech got some pretty good shots but when I looked at the printouts later there are really none.  There's a foot, crossed legs, the spine, and what is supposed to be the face but what really is just a big blob.

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Here's mine from today :)  The first is obvious, the second is a few from the top of the head looking down, and to the right you can see the little toes, feet were up.




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