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On Sunday I went and had an elective u/s. I think the tech was terrible at capturing stills but I did get a dvd so it's been nice watching that. The gender shots (it's a GIRL!) were terrible so I went frame by frame to find a good one and got it, problem is every time I try to save and upload the screenshot it goes black... so FINALLY I had to take a picture of the screenshot on my computer. Crazy. I labeled it because it was difficult to make out baby's position...








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Demeter, I love that last one!  She's all curled up.  What a sweetheart.  I just love these pics and how much these little babes are their own people.  Looking at the profiles are cool too, since they already have individual faces. 

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Demeter, I love how it say "little" knee :)


LilyTiger, the tiny feet seriously slay me. ack. 

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Hi all! I have been a lurker here since finding our we are pregnant. We were told we had no chance of getting pregnant naturally but miraculously did so I have been a little nervous the entire time. I am starting to feel more at ease that everything is going to be okay and want to start posting here! 


I have a question for you all regarding a gender ultrasound. I had to have a Level II ultrasound at 17 weeks 4 days to look for Down Syndrome markers. This is the picture we got for gender..what do you think? It is confusing to me!




Thanks in advance! :)

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I say boy; on an ultrasound, a girl's vulva looks like 3 white lines.

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joquita, that looks like a little penis to me, but I've been known to mistake the umbilical cord for boy parts, so I may have baby boys on the brain.  Did the tech clarify? 

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there are usually 3 lines for a girl; Ive also heard it described as a hamburger for a girl and a hot dog for a boy :P  I think that looks like a hot dog :)

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That's a definite boy.

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Just as a point of reference, here is a picture of a girl on ultrasound that I just found on Google. You can clearly see the 3 distinct lines I was talking about.



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Joquita, there's no doubt that's a boy.  Congrats!

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I mentioned elsewhere that our scan at 15 weeks was more interesting than the one we just had at 19. We got 13 pictures and a dvd last time, and 5 pictures (4 pretty much the same thing and the sex shot) with the dvd this time. We are just thrilled that everything still looks good. And we are so in love with him!!

Here's the little body with the legs up on my uterus at 15w 1 day:


Here's our little guy yesterday at 19 w 1 day, covering his neck with his arm:



And [I removed] the sex shot: for the second time in a row, our guy is NOT hiding anything...at all! Ha ha. The perinatologist took this one because we mentioned that my mil is still hoping it's actually a girl. 

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Andaluza, how did I miss you are having a boy??? Congrats!


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If you do a google search for "Baby girl (or boy) ultrasound photo gallery" one should pop up, I believe it's done through About.com, not positive. Shows a lot of screen captures of ultrasounds at different gestational ages. I thought it was interesting and informative!
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Thank you all so much for your responses!  It seems like a boy to me too. I just don't get why it is separated into lines like that if it is taken from underneath.  Maybe it's just at a weird depth or something? I am definitely looking forward to our next appointment and our anatomy scan for confirmation. I want to start shopping! :)  


Andaluza- Those are great pics! I want a gender shot that is that definitive at my 20 week ultrasound..fingers crossed! :)


Thanks again everyone! :)

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that is definitely a boy Andaluza!  Your's looks like a boy to Joquita, I hope you get another great one at your 20 week!


LilyTiger, I love your little feet shot.  


These are my 17w2d. We asked for a lot since we only got two shots each at our last u/s...we didn't know you were allowed to ask for more.  Lol.


2012-03-22 10.20.53.jpg


She's #1...and already letting us know




Feet (she is going to have large feet like her Momma, me thinks)


Front view


Profile, I love looking at her sweet face in profile. 

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I finally have a photo to add!!! Apparently baby is breech and is in a ball with feet by his/her face. This photo is with a hand by his/her face. I love it.



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I just have a few from Wednesday.  I compared her pics to the ones of my son from this point, and there's so much difference!  Sprout has a huge chest and ribs, and a big nose, just like her daddy in both cases.  It also looks like she might have a head of hair, but it's hard to tell.  She and Badger both have my pointy little chin, though.





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Here are ours from this morning! 18w3d




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sallyrae, you couldn't find out the gender of your breech baby, either? or did you elect not to?



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boots - I chose not to. :) The doctor was able to see the gender, but turned the screen so we wouldn't find out. Baby was rolled up in a ball, though!

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