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Here's mine from almost a month ago. I'm not planning on getting any more ultrasounds. 








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Here are some from our anatomy scan. The tech said she couldn't be certain about the gender. But we had a good view and I think when you don't see anything, it's likely because there's nothing to see, so I'm going w girl. :) My MW will give us the results of the scan at our next appt on Thurs, hopefully she will be able to say something more difinitive.


Baby Lulu @ 20w5d. She started covering her face w her arms by the end of the appt, 'no more pictures plz!'

Baby Lulu @ 20w5d. By the end of the appt she started to cover her face w her arms. "No more pictures plz!"




Waving her little hand (looks like a foot but it's blur)


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Pic of our baby boy at 18 week anatomy scan.  I feel so bad that I spaced out from shock that I was having a boy during the ultrasound.  Now I look at the pic with nothing but love.  I honestly don't remember even seeing this at the time.  It's wonderful.  Thanks for making a place to share them.


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Here is my baby girl at my 21 week ultrasound!



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