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Painful Sex Question - Please help!

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Ugh. I hate talking about this, but I don't know who to ask.


I am in about 8 weeks (after trying for more than 2 years! Yay!), and since we found out about the pregnancy, I've been so scared to have sex. However, the few times we have done it, I feel... tender. This most recent time (this morning, so sorry tmi), everything was fine until I got a pain so sharp it felt like an electrical current running through my body and I literally called out. Of course, we stopped. But, I still have a funny feeling in my ... girl bits area.


I am terrified. We have our 8 weeks appt on Friday, only two days, but my first reaction was to call the doctor and panic.


Am I alone in this? Is pain during pregnancy sex normal?


I am really freaking out here. shake.gif

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I think there are lots of variations on sex and pregnancy.  I felt the same as you (still do)-- very tender.  There is a lot of extra blood down there and that can lead to the sensitivity.  If you nervous to have sex, don't.  Hopefully your partner would understand.  The risk of miscarriage goes way down after the first trimester so maybe you would feel more comfortable after that?  I know I did :-)  Hope that helps!  You will probably feel better after you appointment to.

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I had a little bit of tenderness or tightness feeling when I was pregnant as well.


But, if you are afraid to have sex to begin with, it will tighten you up down there as well.  

Anything mental/emotional we have going on inside affects the way we have sex and how well we "receive" our man.  If we are fearful or angry about something, many times our vaginal muscles will not be loose and accepting...it can cause pain.  This is why many women who have sex for the first time have pain. They are nervous and timid about it.  It's not just because it was "her first time" and she needed to be stretched.  Many women who have ample stretch factor report feeling pain when they are nervous or fearful.

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