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Cosleeping if you have more than one child?

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Hi everyone!  I coslept with my son (no regrets!) for four years and then my daughter was born.  We've done a lot of musical beds over the past year since then and right now generally speaking my now 5 yo (son) will sleep in his bed in my room next to my bed, where I sleep with my 13 mo. 


The problem is that my 5 yo wants to get in the bed with us but sometimes it is very disruptive - he moves and bounces a lot and it ends up waking my daughter up.  I don't care if I get woken up but I don't want her to be up in the middle of the night for long periods because of it.  But I feel bad because I don't want my son to feel rejected because he has a younger sibling who displaced him in the bed.  i don't know how to address this creatively - any ideas?


On top of this, I currently am a working mom (4 days) and we all agree my son doesn't get enough time with me.  So I especially don't want to seem like I am pushing him away.  (I am in the process of decreasing work but that is going to take a couple of months).


Many thanks for any help!

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Have you tried having them each on one side of you?  How about side-carring a twin bed for your son so you have more space and he doesn't move the main bed as much?  We had a king bed and had no problems with both kids in the bed when the oldest was 5.


Good luck!

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I put my 18 month old to sleep in a Kanoe ( sleep hammock ) in the bedroom, then my 5 year old sleeps with me. Occasionally when they sleep in the bed together, I have to create a raft of pillows to act as a barrier, in case my older one wakes, half asleep - this is not terribly safe IMO, I always stay close and use a monitor, but the eldest could accidentally bonk the little one. It has happened only once and was minor. Sometimes I put LO to sleep in the Kanoe and then take him to bed when I am ready to go, sleeping between them of course. Our mattress is on the floor. I have a bed available if my eldest wants his own space, many put a sleeping mat/ bag at the foot of the bed, with places for toys, books, nightlight etc. to make them feel special. I also had to get a twin duvet for my eldest as he wraps himself up and uncovers us, that has helped. It can be done! Dad, however sleeps upstairs Sheepish.gif

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