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Homestudy and our non-vax, rarely see a dr history

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So after researching a TON we are going forward with independent infant adoption, and I got the application for our home study. Well, we all need medical history forms filled out of course, including my 5 yr/old DD. We are a non-vaxing family, my dad is a chiro and does nutrition and I pretty much take her to him anytime she is not feeling well. She is a healthy kid and has never had an ear infection, strept, anything really serious. We have a ped that we have been to maybe 4 times in the past 5 years?

So of course the form has to be filled out by a medical dr so my dad cant do it.


I assume many here have run into this issue? How did you address it? Is this going to greatly cost our chances of being chosen by a BM? Ugh, not sure what if anything I can do about it though!

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I dont think the form will impact being chosen by a potential birthmother, as (as far as i know) she does not have access to your medical records or actual homestudy. 


What you're asking really has more to do with how the social worker and agency will view it. For me, (i did foster care adoption) they just wanted someone to fill out the form, i doubt they even really looked at it. They just want someone to sign off that yes, you're healthy (or if not healthy, that you are managing chronic conditions well, etc) The adult form (which for us, we just had state forms) didnt have vax info on it. For the children, there was a spot, but i live in MI and we have liberal exemptions so that wasnt an issue at all. There was a box to check about that. I dont have insurance and no regular doc so i just went to urgent care each time and got a physical.  The form for all of us was just really basic. The first physical i got was from a D.O (osteopathic doc.) I think the issue for you might be if your medical doc/pedi is willing to see you if you arent a regular patient, but if you go yearly i dont think it should be an issue. 


If you discuss this with your worker, i'd frame it in a really positive way that doesnt make you seem fearful of medical people or a wacko LOL. Yknow "my kids are very healthy and therefore we are lucky enough not to have to visit the doc that often." and stress your healthy lifestyel ;) 



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Just go to the pediatrician and have them fill it out.  Make sure your homestudy agency doesn't require vaccinations.  I had to find one that didn't because the first one I contacted did.  It was a non-issue for our agency.  We did a local domestic infant adoption last year.  Good luck! 

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this is a little off topic, I'm not sure what you mean when you say independent infant adoption. Does that mean a lawyer vs an agency?


Yes. With our independent adoption, we had to find the baby. The lawyer just handled the paperwork. We also had to be certified. Our agency did the certification and the post-placement visits. They just didn't do matching.

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So should I shop around more? The form asks if we vax, but they will accept us if we don't. I just wonder if other agencies all ask for medical info on our child?


AAnd yes, independent means we are just using a lawyer, not an agency to place us.

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So thank you for the advice, I feel much better now that I talked to the SW. She confirmed that the BM does not see the home study, just the commissioner that grants the certification. And she said she's had several families that do not vax, and she just explains their research and decisions as to why, and she has never had anyone be turned down for certification based on that. So yea! :)

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BTW, just a little thing on lingo. I always use the term "expectant mom" for the pregnant mom who is CONSIDERING adoption. She doesn't become a birthmom until the papers are signed. And then I use the term "bmom" because it doesn't resemble a bodily function.


And we did an independent adoption. We had a rather conservative social worker. I don't think she was thrilled we didn't vaccinate, but we still got certified. And then we adopted.

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Sorry to butt in - If I want to adopt an infant in another state from an expectant mom that has chosen us how do I go about that?  Do I still need to be certified?  Do I need to hire a lawyer? What should I watch our for? (I am in Maryland)

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Siobhan-- definitely hire a good adoption attorney if you're doing a private adoption. Even though I'm adopting through the system, I still hired an attorney and she made it much easier by guiding me through the endless paperwork. My understanding is that for a private non-agency adoption you won't need the same certifications I did, but you may need something, and this is where an attorney is worth every penny you pay them.


Take care.

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I think in nearly all states you still need a homestudy though whether adopting privately or through an agency. (Not really sure what someone means by "certified.")




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