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My Unplanned U/C!

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(This is a journal post direct from our family journal.  G is baby boy, C is big sister.)


23 January 2012 ~ Happy Birthday, Q!...
You just couldn't wait to join our family and decided to come out with a bang...on your brother's birthday!

Last night I had some minor cramping, but it was nothing to write home about.  A few extremely minor contractions that were miles apart in the morning.  Again, nothing major.  So I put a few toys in front of Griffin to keep him busy and came up to take my "I might be starting labor soon and should shower" shower to which I had three contractions in a row.  Hmm.  It was around 10:20a so I went to get a drink and then, at 10:30a, the rolling contractions started.  Now, I was busy with your brother but I'd say they were coming every minute or so.  I had previously told your father to keep his cell in his pocket so, while sitting on the toilet (in all my labors this has been the *only* comfortable place) I called his cell...and the HR Manager answered!  It seems Daddy was getting a new phone and Tim was moving over his contacts and assorted junk. Ugh!  So I called his line...no answer!  Then contractions got more intense to me calling the main line and telling Kasey to track down Daddy.  It took her a few minutes and then she came back to tell me he was on a call.  I. Don't. Care.  Get him!!!  He said he was on the way while I felt things really moving.  I laid on the sofa to start moaning and sweet G laid down on me and followed my moans.  What a sweet boy.  Around 11:30a Daddy got home, fed your brother, ate lunch and cleaned up while I sat on the toilet.  Around noon he said we should go to the hospital so I told him to get ready.  Perhaps I wasn't clear enough that things were intense, but we were moving in slow motion.  12:15ish it got to the point that I wasn't moving.  So when Daddy came back to get me around 12:30 I said I simply couldn't move.  Contractions were rolling on top of each other.  He asked if he should call 911 and I just nodded.  All the while my body took over and I didn't have to push because your head came out in two contractions.  Thank god the 911 dispatcher told Daddy to yank me off the toilet literally the second before you came out!  So, I'm on the floor holding you, making sure you didn't hit the dirty floor and I hear Daddy say "they're here" to the dispatcher.  The dispatcher had to ask Daddy to find out a gender!  Our big surprise and we forgot to look - a beautiful, baby girl.  A slew of men came in, cut the cord and wheeled us out in the ambulance.  They were super sweet and it was wild that your first car ride was an ambulance with the sirens on!

We got to the hospital and we were the talk of the town!  You weighed in at 7 pounds 15 ounces (you pooped on the way out so the nurse said you were most likely 8.1 - still my smallest baby), 20.5 inches and a 13 head.  You're tiny compared to your siblings!  You also required the least amount of stitches - 2 internal ones to stop the bleeding.

The only complicating factor is that you're Coombs positive so that puts you at a higher risk of jaundice, but that didn't keep us from leaving the hospital at just over 24 hours.  That place is not restful!

C and G simply love you.  C can't stop touching and kissing you and whispering how much she loves you!  G just says "baby!" and smiling at you.

Welcome to our world, Quinn Amelia MyLastName FamilyLastName!  We are so happy to have you!

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Lovely!  Congratulations!

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YAY.  so happy.  so very happy.  joy.gif


welcome, quinn!  so many surprises at once.  angela, i hope you're flying high.  way to go, friend.  i'm so excited for your new little girl- i hope you all have a fantastic babymoon together.  you've been missed around here! blowkiss.gif

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Aw AQ your birth story made me tear up.  So, SO happy for you and your growing family. Welcome to the world baby Quinn, you made quite the entrance!

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What a wild ride! Congratulations!!

p.s. - love her middle name ;)

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Oh yay!!  Congrats AQ!  What an amazing story and entrance for baby Quinn!  Glad you are doing well and hope you get to leave the hospital soon!! 

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Aw, what a great story!  Two kids now with the same birthday!! Congrats.

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Wow!  I'm so happy for you!  Welcome baby Quinn and congratulations African Queen!  Have a beautiful babymoon!

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Awwwwwww.  What an amazing story.  Congrats and welcome Quinn!

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Wow how dramatic! My goodness. Welcome Quinn - you lucky little thing to have two adoring big siblings. Leave it to a RPCV to be so tough to give birth unassisted in her home bathroom :)

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Congrats!!! It sounds like a wonderful birth and I am glad you called your husband when you did!!! How dramatic, but lovely! (her middle name is the name of my oldest child.... I adore it!)

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Wonderful news!!  Many congratulations to you and your family.  What a sweet birthday gift for your son!

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Congrats! What a fun story!



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Congratulations! Who'd have thought you'd have a UC?! LOL! As my MW said, the ones that come fast are NOT the ones you need to worry about. ;) Glad everything went well, and have a blast with your new little one!

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Originally Posted by L'lee View Post

Congratulations! Who'd have thought you'd have a UC?! LOL!

Certainly not my husband!  Poor guy was holding our two year old, talking to the 911 dispatcher on the phone *and* throwing a towel under the new baby.  I'd say he did awesome!  I'm so lucky. :)


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HA! That's great! I almost had a UC also, my MW showed up AS I was pushing the baby out, and I couldn't believe how together DH seemed! He had been so worried about that, but seemed so calm! He told me later that he'd been trying hard not to seem as nervous as he was, for my sake.


It sounds like your DH was way too busy to be nervous!

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We should start an unplanned UC club!  Pretty intense huh?!  Congratulations!

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amazing birth story! congratulations!

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