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Prenatals and BFing.

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How long did you ladies who are BFing continue to take prenatals? I don't mind taking them... They're a part of my morning ritual now, LOL.


I was just curious if they're actually still necessary. My bottle's running low and I don't want to buy more if I don't have to!

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Personally, I always take a high quality, whole-food multi.  However, if you don't plan on taking something forever, then I've heard it's a good idea the whole time that you're nursing.

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My midwife recommended I continue taking prenatals until I'm done breastfeeding, but I switched from those to a multivitamin at 1 month pp. I would've liked to keep taking my prenatals but they were so expensive. (I take Isotonix liquid vitamins.) I'll keep taking a multivitamin forever.

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It would be my advice to absolutely continue to take a prenatal or very good multivitamin as long as you are in the "childbearing period" of your life and especially while nursing.  Nursing takes a lot out of your body that needs to be continually replaced so to keep up your immunity and support your body you need something- especially with your busy schedule, which may not always be conducive to eating the best nutrition.  And as long as there is a possibility that you'll get pregnant again, it's smart to continue with the prenatals so that your body is always ready to support a baby.

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