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Just got told I need to be 'educated'

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We just moved to a new city and left an absolutely wonderful pediatrician. He was amazing, and although he supported following the vaccination schedule, he always said he would listen to the parents wishes since it's our child. He would take as much time as you wanted to discuss vaccine concerns and never spoke down to me or tried to intimidate me. We loved him.


So, I've been trying to find a new pediatrician here. I've read other people's stories on Mothering about being kicked out of offices for not vaccinating etc., and can't believe I've actually just experienced it myself. Took my son to his 6 month well check with a doctor we went to once when he was sick. She seemed nice at that appointment and people we've spoken to liked the medical group so thought we'd give her try. She was very nice the whole visit until she looked at my son's shot record. (He's only had Dtap). She flipped out. Looked at me like I was crazy. Said I needed to be educated. Told me I was putting my kids in danger and making one of the worst choices for my kids a parent could by not having them up to date on their vaccines. I couldn't believe how hostile and mean she got, all with my 3 year old there watching too. I still feel sick to my stomach thinking about it. She would only continue to see my children if we got them on a schedule to get them up to date as soon as possible. (Of course, even if I had wanted to, I would never go to a doctor who was so rude).


I am now thinking I will just have to continue to make the three hour drives to our old city to go to doctor's appointments with our beloved old pediatrician.  I have yet to find anyone open to a selective/delayed schedule here. I guess I'm not surprised how hard it is to find, but was just really surprised by how rude and demeaning some doctors can be.

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slaggy, so sorry. we have been kicked out of a practice and it does suck.  Maybe try calling the doctors and asking outright before you visit. Plus you should be able to do free interviews with docs before you join their practice. Good luck and again so sorry.

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Try a family dr..they are not as pushy about it..

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That's terrible! There is no excuse for her behavior, and I'm sorry you had to deal with someone like that. She did you a favor, because now you know what kind of person she is! I agree, try to find a family doctor. Good luck!

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Thanks, everyone. I am feeling better about it now. I never thought to try a family doc for the kids too. Thanks for the idea!

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Can your former pediatrician recommend someone--and possibly SPEAK to that doctor on your behalf before you visit?

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You can also look in the Tribal area for ped/doctor recommendations of folks who are more vax-open. smile.gif
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OP - sorry that happened to you, it sucks. It happened to us, too. I could not believe it at the time. As much as you love your old doc I wouldn't drive this far unless there was absolutely nobody else to see. Imagine you need to see the doc NOW and you have to drive this far. It's not very convenient. I wish you the best of luck finding a new ped that you'll love.

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How old are your kids?  Are they in good health?  Are there walk in clinics around your area?


Depending on the answers to the above questions, I would consider going doctorless while I look for a new doctor locally.



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Thanks all. I'll keep looking here. It's hard not really knowing people in a new town. That's usually the best way to get recommendations. The stresses of moving! :)  My kids are 6 months and almost 4 years and have no health problems I'm aware of so I'm not too anxious...yet. Not giving up!

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I don't know if this has been resolved yet or not, but have you asked your current Long distance Ped for a recommendation?


Also, if you are a letter writing kind of person, I'd write a letter, CC to her and her superiors (since it is a group) and say that while you respect her decision to not to take clients that CHOOSE not to Vax.  There is no cause to be rude nor confrontational about it, ESPECIALLY in front of young children.

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