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I am curious how weight loss factors with weight gain.  In some sense I've gained 2 pounds and in another I've gained 7 pounds.  The nurse seemed a touch concerned when she confirmed that I was only up two pounds from my prepregnancy weight, but then seemed totally pleased when I said that I'd actually gained seven pounds, it was just that I lost five in the beginning.  All seems silly.   I mean, my tummy is enormous and baby is measuring good and all that....  I know they did the same thing to me last time.  I maybe go up 5 pounds in the first twenty weeks and then 40 in the next twenty weeks.  Hmmmm....  I'd love to only gain a total of 35 or so this time, but going to 41 weeks has always pushed me over.  Last time I stopped keeping track, so I don't even know how high I got...

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ainh, I don't know if this answers your question, but I just talked with my doc about weight gain and she said that what happens in the first trimester just doesn't seem to have that much of an effect on the baby.  So in your case, even though you lost weight in the beginning, what matters now is that you're measuring fine and gaining.  It's funny that different providers seem to put more or less emphasis on weight gain than others.  Mine hasn't really given me a guideline, but I also had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to gain.  She definitely made my husband feel better though, since he's been worried about the plateaus.


At 18.5 weeks I'm up 6-8 pounds depending on the day.  My doc is totally fine with that.  She was also totally unconcerned that I had plateaued for like three weeks (really, I've only gained a pound or two since week 9).  She said weight gain is never steady and almost always occurs in jumps.  So, ithappened, maybe you'll plateau for a week or two as a result of your recent little growth spurt.  What's the normal weight gain with twins anyway?  I heard it's significantly higher than singles (like 45-65 pounds is a range I think I've heard).  Has your doc said anything?

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Yeah weight is such a funny thing. Just reading through this blog you see all the variety and I am sure if we read through the August 2011 DDC we would see just as much and all from generally healthy moms / babes. My own weight saga has turned me off from worrying about this too much. I gained all that weight in a short period and now I am down 4 lbs. I did not do a thing to lose weight but the scale has dropped. I think part of it was just water retention or something. Anyway, I agree with Ainh, if your baby is measuring to size, you are eating a good balance of nutrients for him/her, keeping your body and mind healthy then just go with it. It seems like losing or gaining, our bodies will do as they do and our babies will do what they need. There are much more fun things to think about -- like baby shower themes, good names, and what type of clothe diapers to use :)

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I heard it's [twins are] significantly higher than singles (like 45-65 pounds is a range I think I've heard).  Has your doc said anything?


No. The babies are both measuring 2 weeks ahead (just like DS1 did) and she hasn't brought it up... I am currently at a 10-12lb gain at 20w. I don't think its a concern at the moment, I am still active, eating well, resting a lot and am starting to feel really strong this pregnancy.. I think it just took me totally recovering from that pneumonia and having a few nights of really good sleep.


Im trying to be careful with my weight though, last pregnancy she really freaked about GD toward at the end because 'DS was so big' and I had gained so much.. irked.gif Tried to push a c-section on me when I hit 39w and DS was measuring almost 10lbs.. whatever.


I looked up the recommendation (just now) and it says 40-60lbs with twins. With DS1 I gained 40-45lbs at birth and I was very active etc also.. so Id imagine with twins I'll hit the 60lb range without much effort. I eat really healthy, exercise all the time but when I am pregnant my body just gains gains and gains some more.. innocent.gif  My mom was similar I think she put on 50-70lbs with me and my sister.

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Just about 10 pounds 20 weeks and I am hungry all the time.  

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ithappened, I don't really know how this stuff works, but for someone who is tall and thin like you, I just wouldn't worry that much about weight gain.  It sucks your last doc was totally obsessed about it.  I agree that a lot of it seems to be genetic.  My mom gained around the same amount with all three pregnancies.  I'm thinking that as long as I stay active and don't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat the house, I'll be fine.  I'm tracking weight, but I'm not overly obsessed with it.


Sol, I wonder if I'm going to get the "hungrys" soon too.  I have just not wanted much food and then when I do eat I can't fit much in.  I was expecting pregnancy to be more like Cookie Monster insanity, but I'm really not feeling many insane cravings.  The sweets were pretty crazy last week I guess, but it wasn't hunger so much as just a desire for sweets.


I'm still up around 7.5 pounds at 19 weeks.  I popped this week and definitely have a belly now, but I'm just not gaining much.  I'm expecting a growth spurt in the next few weeks though.

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ithappened, you sound like your weight is about perfect right now to me.  With twins, and being thin to begin with, you'll definitely gain more.  I was average weight with my last one and gained 40 pounds.  My son came out at 6lb 14oz.  You can't judge the baby's size based only on hos much you gain, and just because you gain a lot doesn't mean you're unhealthy.


As for me, I'm up 9 pounds at 17 weeks, and feeling good about it.

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At 19 weeks I'm still sitting at somewhere between 4-7 lbs of weight gain, depending on the time of day and the phase of the moon or whatever. Baby's weight estimate at today's ultrasound was 12 ounces. It fluctuates a decent amount!

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(Don't mean to hijack the thread, but Aimee - did you find out the sex of your baby?!)

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Yes ma'am! I will let everyone know after the party this weekend. smile.gif

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woah Im up 13lbs at 20w2d.. but it seems to fluctuate a bit .. but def broke the 10lb barrier a few days ago.

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I have my appointment on Monday, so I'll see where I'm at from the last month.  I try to keep track on the scale at my chiropractor's office since I'm there every week.  Depending on how that scale compares to the OB one I'm either on track for a 3-4 lb gain for the month, or I've lost a few lbs.  Either one is fine.  I do wish I could let go and not think about it, but it is very important for me to do my best not to gain too much because of my personal circumstances, and watching the scale helps me to do that.  I'm actually feeling really good about my gain, and surprised that it's not more.  I think nursing helps, plus I'm slightly more active than the first time.

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HI All!  


I'm up about 8.5 pounds at 18 weeks.  And that seems, from what I can remember, to be about on target with past pregnancies.  I gained around 30 pounds with my last 2 pregnancies, and so my weight gain thus far puts me on track to do the same for this pregnancy.  This is also the part of the pregnancy where I really put it on fast - and then I slow down a bit in the 3rd trimester.  


My boobs look awesome - so I am not complaining!  


I will say though - it's hard to see the numbers on the scale go up - when usually I'm working to stay fit and at a healthy weight.  It's taking some deep breaths and reminders that this is what is supposed to happen and that a year from now, when my baby is over 6 months old, it'll likely almost all be gone once again.  Just my irrational mind working against me when I see the plain number on the scale. Anyone else struggle with that? 

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Wow-- after reading through this I am worried I'm putting on too much weight! My midwife hasn't said anything to me, but I am at 16 weeks and I've gained 12 lbs!! Yikes.  It's just that I'm hungry ALL THE TIME.  I really don't want to end up gaining more than 30 lbs (I am about 5'5" and weighed 135 before pregnancy)-- I don't carry extra weight well.  Not sure what to do about it, though, since I can't see myself eating less. I guess I need to exercise more!  

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Sigh, after two bad stomach bugs a few weeks apart my grand total for weight at 16 weeks is .... -10lbs.  Yep.  I've lost 10lbs and my midwife will not be happy at my appointment next week.

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lakeruby everyone gains at different times- I found with DS1 I gained the most in the first trimester and then by 20w it totally slowed down.


lizbiz yes me! For me its not so much the scale numbers when pregnant (that hits after) but the fact none of my nice clothes fit and I hate that.. that is really hard for me and then everything I love to do requires Im 'in shape'. I really like to be active and eat well and its hard when I can't run easily/at all anymore, as well as do everything else I usually do for fun (rock climbing, mt. biking etc). Walking just isnt the same for me.. I miss my running shoes.



I was just looking at my chart from DS1. It looks like I weigh at 20-21w with twins what I weighed at 24w with DS1, which means Im up about 13lbs.. . I know this sounds vain, but Im really afraid to see what my stomach looks like at the end of this all with twins.. shy.gif Just happy I found a swim coverup and a one piece for august/september swimming 'holiday' eyesroll.gif and since twins sometimes comes early I am hoping this means I am more then half way- esp since DS was born at 42w1d


I am not hungry at all lately, I sort of just make myself eat but really I feel like most days I could go all day without eating, I think my stomach just has no room because I eat 2-3 bites and Im done. . .. gah..



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Don't let my small weight gain make you feel like you're gaining too much, anyone! First of all, genetically, women in my family don't gain much during pregnancy. My mom didn't with any of her three, my sister didn't with her two, I didn't last time, etc. Secondly, I was overweight to begin with, so only gaining a small amount is really advised for me.

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At 19.5 weeks I'm up 12 pounds... which seems pretty normal for me. In the next couple of months I'll have a spurt where I have a big gain all in one week... around 9ish pounds.

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I talked about this with my ob at the last visit. If we count from the first visit (at 5w) I've gained 11 lbs now at week 18. If we count from before I became pregnant, it's 14 lbs. I think that's due to not running as much in the months before my bfp; my body has always responded really quickly to aerobic activity.


My ob said that since I was very slim before, that she's not worried at all and said I could gain up to 40 lbs, but I am hoping it's more like 30. She claimed I was underweight before, but my bmi when I was active was the lowest # for normal. However, I am not going to go crazy watching my weight--I eat when I'm hungry and I tend to eat really well, so I refuse to limit my eating, especially since I feel so responsible for this little one inside me. I have been doing better with walking more regularly and would ideally like to get up to 5-7 times a week.

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I do not understand care providers who announce that you are 'allowed' to gain a certain amount of weight. It's variable for everybody... I'm petite and always gain between 50 and 60 pounds, I'll be damned if someone 'allows' me to gain that amount of weight... or gives me trouble because it's not the usual. My body NEEDS that amount of weight to carry and sustain a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end.

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