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I feel like people will be thinking/commenting that I'm due much earlier than I am, in no time.....

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I'm finally gaining!  I was starting to get worried, and confused as to how my belly was getting bigger while my weight was going down.  I started at 155, was down to 145, and this morning was up to 147.5. I've been completely ravenous lately, so I guess I need to eat more!

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the women at DS1 preschool today asked me if I was pregnant with number 2.. thats a first, people never ever ask you here about your pregnancies even if they know you.. so I must really look super pregnant bow2.gif

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I'm up 2.5 lbs total.  I have no idea how.  With my first two pregnancies I gained weight at a normal speed (or slightly higher lol) and I'm not exercising nearly as much.  DH will kill me if he finds out that's as much as I've gained.  He thinks I should be eating way more than I am right now.  Nothing, but carbs ever sounds good though.  I'm wondering if it's b/c I started out 10lbs heavier than with my first two so my body realises that it's got some fat stores to work with.

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I know what you mean, Honey!  By this time with Elsa I was easily already up 25 lbs and this time I've not even hit 10.  Normally my weight fluctuates 3-5 lbs at any given moment so to have any kind of steady change is kind of mindblowing. 

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Im back down to a 10lb gain.. most likely because all ive wanted this week is strawberries, melons and grapes..

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Officially weighed in at the doctor's today and I am 7lbs up at 17 weeks.  I thought I was 10 up, but my home scale has been somewhat inconsistent. 

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woah at 21.5w I really jumped.. Im now up to a 14/15lb gain.. Im a bit panicked if that trend continues where I will be at 30 or even 40 weeks.. eeek.

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For the first week this weigh in I decided not to find out.  shy.gif   I am over 11 lbs that I do know, but I do not know what number.  I am well into 22 weeks.  I am starting to get a baby belly too.  Sometimes it looks almost normal in the morning, but later it the evening after a big meal it changes.  Not sure how that works.   I can tell significant difference when I look back at those first pictures I took vs now.  

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Veritas, I feel like you and I are always similar in everything!


I just weighed myself this am and I'm up 8 lbs total. As of last Tuesday I was up 5 1/2, so not sure what the heck I've done since then... but I know I'm not eating like crazy at all. Usually at night I'm not even hungry at all. I've forced myself to eat when I get home from work lately. Yeesh.

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I'm still up eight pounds total at 21 weeks, 4 days.  I have an appointment with the doc next week, so I'll ask her about gain then.  DH is a little concerned that I'm not gaining enough, but he also had no idea that from here on out it's roughly a pound a week gain (depending on some variables).  I'm eating a lot more fat and sugar than I usually do and I don't feel hungry, so I'm hoping I can just trust my body to work itself out.  It does seem a little weird that I've had no weight gain for three weeks or so, just when the weight gain is supposed to really start.  Oh well.  Baby is kicking and going berserk in there, so I should just trust in that I guess.  What's making me nervous is that basically since I started teaching again two weeks ago I come home completely exhausted.  Like to the point where I have to drag myself around.  I've been forcing myself to go to the gym and I always feel much better after, but I'm worried that being this tired is an indication that I'm not eating enough.  I just don't know how I would eat more.  Ugh.

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The real significant baby growth happens in the third trimester (which is why, my OB says, they don't generally test women for gestational diabetes 'til 24-28 weeks), so according to my OB, it's still okay to not be putting on much at this stage. My last pregnancy went the same way as this one is going so far, which is to say I lost some first trimester, gained just a little second, and then had the bulk of the gain in the third when the baby began rapidly putting on weight.

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I'm still down about 5 lbs at 18 weeks. Totally usual for me and my hyperemesis. Last two pregnancies Ithe day after I gave birth I weighed 5lbs less than when I got pregnant. Doesn't seem to affect my babies who were 8lbs8oz and 9lbs11oz. Just sucks for momma who is feeling like crap for months and months and months.
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With DS I really gained between 20-28w and almost everything was gained before the 3rd trimester for me.. Im interested and hoping the same is true with this one but hard to say with 2 in there..

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Saw the doctor today.  I'm up about 9-10lbs total at 19w.  She didn't say anything about my weight this time, so I guess I'm on track.  At least that's one thing not to worry about!

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My belly button!!!  It's getting shallower every day - ahhh!!  It's not an outie yet, but will be very soon (I started out with the deepest navel and thought this could never happen)!  Yes, I am indeed expanding.......

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My belly button is starting to stick out if I don't hold my abs up.  I think it's not popping out though, I think it's herniated or something.  Just from the way it feels.

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The change in my belly button is so weird!  I too had a pretty deep "innie" and it's gotten so shallow.  My husband likes to poke it irked.gif

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Ha, my husband just commented on my belly button last night.  He said he doesn't think it's going to pop.  I pointed out that it has lost half its depth just in the past two months, so I suspect it'll be popped by the end.  It's so funny that we notice that kind of thing.  Sad little belly button.

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I know, poor thing!  Still 18 wks to go, I think I'm destined for a popper, I can't believe it!!  :O

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