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I'm up about 4-5 pounds, at 13 weeks. I gained exactly 40 pounds with each of my other pregnancies, so I'll be surprised if it's less than that! smile.gif

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I've gained 10 BUT.... I started at 210, dipped down to 196 during a bout of horrific morning sickness that bordered on hyper emesis, and now i'm about 206ish? Once I get to 210 i have to be careful, my MW asked me to TRy not to gain more than 20-25 over pre pregnancy weight. Not because I'm heavy, BUT because I have bursitis in my hip and she knows that the heavier I get, the harder it is to be mobile, the harder that is, the harder it is to be active to get the baby in a good position and last time my kid wasn't because i had a sedentary office job for most of my pregnancy. Thus causing a 30 hour labor that ended in me begging for and receiving an epidural- she KNOWS I want to go 100% natural this time so she's trying to be super helpful in helping me achieve it.


 So our plan is same weight gain as last time, but more activity. She suggested once the weather breaks to go for a walk every day. :) And she also has me going to yoga classes which are WONDERFUL as one of the stretches we do weekly, stretches out that very hip area and its like BLISS. 



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So far I'm up 6 pounds at 13 weeks.  It's more than I wanted, but it doesn't seem to directly relate to me eating a ton or anything.  I'm staying active, so I'm just going to go off how I feel.  DH is a registered dietician and he told me to quit worrying about it, so I figure that's good enough for now.  I've been craving a ton of ice cream lately, but I've been drinking kefir instead.  My mom gained around 30 with each of us and I'm hoping to do about the same.

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I am still right around my pre weight (around 150).  I find it strange because I'm eating SO much and I'm definitely starting to show.  I guess I will just do what feels right and my body will just do what it does...

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I started at 150 and at 13 weeks I'm now 145.  This first trimester weight loss seems to be typical for me and I double down in the next two trimesters.  I gained 40-50 with both of my boys, but never paid too much heed.  The problem for me is that before my first my usual weight was 135-140 and after my second is was 150.  I'm hoping I don't level another 5 heavier after this pregnancy!!  My metabolism really changed dramatically at age 35 and I am worried that pregnancy in this point in my life isn't going to burn off at all -- I mean it really didn't come off easily for me even in my early 30s. 

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I started at 142 and now I'm up to 146, normally I'm at around 138.  143-145 is actually my I'm not eating like I should be weight, when not pregnant.  Also known as my busy season weight (I think all accountants have this), so I feel like I'm at my normal January weight. 

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Heh, and when I was still working at Intuit, we have the opposite-- we ate a TON during tax season because feeding the employees was part of the motivation program... winky.gif

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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post

Heh, and when I was still working at Intuit, we have the opposite-- we ate a TON during tax season because feeding the employees was part of the motivation program... winky.gif

Hahaha, this is exactly how it is!  Everyone gains weight, we call it the (company name) 10, similar to the freshman 15.  Except they are now feeding 280 people and everyone is getting mad because they only let people take essentially half portions for dinner b/c they were sick of having left over food,, so they started ordering less.  Perfect for me, but a lot of people are frustrated.  They also bribe us with cake every month, ice cream sunday bars each quarter, and little 5 minute snack breaks every other week or so.  For holidays they distribute little packages to everyone's desk.  I gained 15 pounds when I first started working here, but have since learned to say no to all the snacks and concentrating on working out more, even when we're busy.  I lost most of the weight I gained, but it is coming back now.  I am on the assurance side, not the  tax side, so we get busy each quarter when financial statements come out, and then just stupid busy for the year-end statements, so more chances to put on weight.

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I am pretty sure if I still lived in the US Id easily gain twice the weight I gain in the EU when pregnant company or not :)


Not having a freezer for example makes having ice cream impossible and the grocery store here is closed at 6pm and on weekends so I cant cave to late night cravings.. there is no drive in/fast food etc etc.


If I want something at the grocery store I have to walk there, carry it home then up 4 flights of stairs. ,....




anyhow, just thought of this as the University I am working at never has free food for us- just a coffee machine and we're very well funded.


curious how things would be different or not if I was in the states for this pregnancy- i am ALWAYS hungry but often times just cant easily get food.




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I am pretty sure if I still lived in the US Id easily gain twice the weight I gain in the EU when pregnant company or not :)


Yep same for me. If I was in the UK with the selection of biscuits cakes and cake bars I would put on more weight. I put on 4lb or half a stone when I go back for 3 weeks or more. The fruit is so tasteless that I tell my mum I don't want her to get me in fresh fruit and stuff as I really won't it eat, I want to stuff my face with cake! Then I come back here and eat my body weight in fruit that actually has flavour. IT's all so cheap too it's easier to eat fresh than crap. There's hardly any ready meals/convenience foods and I am not paying 6/7€ a kg for chicken nugget type prepared meat when a fresh chicken is only 3€/kg. The butchers counter at a supermarket has chicken nuggets, but they are pieces of chicken cut up and covered in breadcrumbs, not processed at all.


This is my first pregnancy when I've actually had access to the build up shakes for the first tri. I wanted to keep myself up with still bf so I haven't lost as much. However i got a massive shock when my weight was put down wrong in my records. It was out by 10kg (22lb), I had to quickly get on the scales and make sure it was a mistake and I hadn't suddenly gained all that.

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So I did my last official weigh in at the beginning of the second trimester (14 weeks today exactly) and I've gained 4.5 pounds so far.  I'm feeling pretty good about that, mostly because I've been staying active.  I was lucky to avoid a lot of m/s, so I didn't lose any weight except for two weeks, and that weight came back on pretty quickly. So far I'm on track for my goals.  Who else is at the end of the first tri?

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I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow. So far I've gained around 3.5 lbs, which is more than last time-- I lost weight first tri last time. But I'm not concerned about it unless I start putting on tons of weight. I don't really see that happening though.

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Im actually scared to get weighed in at the end of the month- I havent been active at all and since Ive been sick, Ive just been laying in bed and eating.. . I really want to be over this damn cold.

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15 weeks and gained another pound.  But seeing as I have been on bed rest for a large part of the first trimester and had M/S and aversions which made it hard to consume my normal diet (instead consumed lots of plain crackers, chips, cereals, breads) I am not too focused on it and my doctor isn't concerned at all.  Now I am starting to feel so much better all around.  Also I can go swimming next week which is going to be so great.  

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I actually lost weight this week (14 weeks), which is weird but I guess is attributable to the fact that I've been a lot more active now that I feel better and I've been making a conscious effort to eat more veggies, which reduces my eating other kinds of crap.  Dunno.  So, total first tri weight gain is around 4 pounds, maybe a little less. 

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At 14 weeks I have gained a total of 4 pounds, right on target for me.... I've had more of an appetite the past week or so, I think that has helped lol.

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I've probably gained 10 lbs so far... and the gain is only supposed to accelerate! I hope that now that the holidays are over and I'm feeling more energetic and able to eat veggies again that it will all even out...

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tonight I started to FINALLY feel better- energy.gif


I went for a 4 mile walk with the dog before dinner which was nice. I am hoping maybe I can try a run by the weekend. . . !! energy.gif



I will be curious how much weight I have gained by the end of the month (my next appointment). I have been eating a TON and not moving at all (almost literally unintentional bedrest due to the cold/flu).


Right now I would guess I am up 4-6 lbs but its hard to say and it doesn't really matter- like ccoello said its only going to go up and up and up.. 


I also am wearing a lot of comfy clothes vs my normal work clothes to the studio which could attribute to me not feeling like I've gained much lurk.gif



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I've gained 4 lbs so far. I had gained 5 and then lost them all.. So - 4 is pretty good. I just started going back to dance class last week and it made me feel a little better.

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I was up 6 lbs at my 14 week check up.  I had gained 4 lbs by 10 weeks so I am at about 1/2 lb per week.  I was already up a couple of pounds before I got pregnant so I am feeling really big now.  It is amazing how much 8 -10 lbs makes a difference in the way I feel and what I can do with my body.  Not to get to the TMI level but (aside from the boob growth) the weight gain makes me so much less comfortable, physically and psychologically, during sex. Of course it doesn't help that I have been craving powdered doughnuts for 3 days (which I usually do not like)!

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