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So at yesterday's appointment I'd gained two pounds...but supposedly am measuring seven more centimeters.  There is no ding dangity way I grew that much in two weeks.  That's like a cm every other day.  Sorry, no.  I hate how they all clearly measure differently.  The appt before I'd gained eight but didn't change fundal measurement.  Seriously now.

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Oooof, I feel like I could have grown 7cm in the last 2 weeks, although my weight gain has slowed considerably over my last 2 appointments.  I'm definitely eating much less nowadays since I fill up so quickly, so hopefully Baby is getting his fat from my butt!  I'm guessing by this Friday's appt I'll have reached a 30lb gain.


And I'm now ready to quit driving altogether!!  I'm short so I have to pull the seat up pretty close and my belly is now touching the steering wheel.  Not only is it almost impossible to turn around while backing up, but I get very nervous driving around.  I don't trust my "baby brain attention span" and am so worried that I'll get into a horrible accident.....Fortunately I only need the car to do grocery shopping (which I'm about to quit as well) and to pick up DH from the airport (so he's cabbing it from now on....).

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newmum I stopped driving all together and now take the bus or don't go anywhere :)

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with 2.5w left of my pregnancy I'm riding around a 33/34lb gain.. interestingly enough I seem to have gained in almost the exact pattern I did with DS1 in the same ways but with the exception Ive gained about 5-6lbs more this pregnancy then with DS1.. will be really curious what the 'aftermath' looks like..

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Originally Posted by ithappened View Post

with 2.5w left of my pregnancy

Oh my goodness!  I just saw this as a last post for the thread and was like jaw2.gif!  I can't believe you're at 2 weeks left already!  That's so exciting!!  And sobering that the weeks are ticking by for all of us.  How exciting and overwhelming!

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I've lost 2 pounds... somehow... or else the scale in my doc's office is just a bit off.  

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I'm still at around 18 pounds at 35 weeks. I'm noticing that I have no interest in full meals anymore.  It's not really that I get too full, but just that food (other than fresh fruit) just doesn't seem super appetizing.  I'm wondering if I'll plateau in these last weeks.  At the same time, I did eat like 45 cookies yesterday, so maybe I'm eating more than I think I am while grazing.

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I shot up 5 pounds during my 2 weeks in Florida!  That puts me at 29 pounds gained in 32 weeks.  I'm definitely feeling it in my joints, but since I've barely increased in size anywhere except my midsection, I think it's doing what it's supposed to.

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I'm up 35lbs now.. Ive been eating a lot from stress not hunger, and not moving much from exhaustion/heat so Im sure that adds to it.. My DS1 has been a total horror the last 2 weeks and Im having a lot of anxiety about how to manage him with 2 more newbies coming any day now. .. . . hoping to keep my weight there for the next 10 days but not counting on that being totally realistic as right now everything in life is feeling like a struggle.

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ok well.. Ive been STARVING the last week or so, I think the babies dropped and suddenly I have room in my stomach to eat eat EAT.. ! I am up 2 more lbs this week.. so it looks like my total gain is going to be around 37-40lbs this pregnancy. I am really curious/have no sense what it will be after birth, I gained a lot less with DS1 but there was also only one in there.. right now I have an extra baby, placenta and sac to factor in I guess 2whistle.gif


how is everyone else doing?

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No real hunger here.  I'm still grazing food most of the time.  Up 22lbs at my 33 week appointment.

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Hey there!  Plenty hungry - my baby has dropped too.  I'm up around 27 pounds at 35 weeks - give or take.  I'm not really watching what I'm eating that carefully, to be honest - although I'm not going nuts or anything.  I just sort of feel like there are only so many areas of my life I can discipline at once - I'm here with a huge belly, two active kiddos, and I'm moving across the world in 3 days - I will have my bubble tea and drink it too, so to speak!  :)  


There is a time and a season for everything.  This is clearly not my diet season :). 

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I follow this thread from time to time and wanted to say that I'm only up 12lbs at 33 weeks. I was about 35-40lbs overweight when I got pregnant, but I didn't limit myself or engage in any new exercise. I gained 34lbs with my first, so I'm not really sure what's going on. I'm measuring ahead too....go figure.
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I will have my bubble tea and drink it too, so to speak!  :)



ha! I've been drinking Taro Boba nonstop this pregnancy

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I'm up 20 lbs at almost 37 weeks.  I'm hoping I stay roughly this weight, though I know baby is obviously still growing.  Some of the recent 2lb jump is water weight, since I'm swelling in my ankles.  If I go to term, I'll probably max out at 25 lbs, which is the high end of the range I was aiming for, but not bad overall. 

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I'm up 19 lbs and i'm 37 weeks this Sunday... I certainly feel WAAAAY bigger than that though. my fingers feel like they have arthritis and all puffy like. Ankles are nearly non existent if I walk around a bit... but not much longer to go, right?! Excited for us ladies :-)

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Well after only a few ounces gained during my last 2 appointments, I gained 2.5 lbs at today's checkup (since last week).  That puts me at a 32 lb overall gain here, @ 37 wks!  I am definitely feeling "the burn" when I walk or go up the stairs..... so hopefully this means my legs will be nice and toned after this pregnancy, right??? winky.gif

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Don't feel bad, Newmumjoy, I was up 33 lbs at 35 weeks a few days ago. I am guessing I'm headed for around 40 total at this rate, if I'm lucky.


I had been following a natural increase of .5 lb-1 lb every 2 weeks, followed by around a 5 lb increase (alternating), which was keeping me on track, if the high end. But at my appt with my new ob I was still up 2.5 lbs in a week. I am not swelling in a noticeable way, but my legs do look a little thicker. The appointment was also at the end of the day, so I wonder if that was an issue, since I had been going to my old ob in the mornings consistently. The kicker is that I am still walking about 20 miles a week and not eating any differently from the rest of the pregnancy, although maybe that's why. In other words, I feel as though I have less space but I'm still eating 3 meals a day because I'm paranoid about making sure the baby is getting nutrition.  

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I'm up 33 pounds at 34 weeks.  I was gaining one pound a week consistently throughout the pregnancy, then it doubled at week 30, and I've been gaining two a week since then.  It's nice and consistent, and everything other than the front of my stomach is almost exactly the same size, so it's clearly all going directly to the baby!  But I'm still feeling self-conscious about the number (I know I know I KNOW).  And my joints are definitely feeling the difference!  I'm still pretty mobile, though - I'm exercising every day: yoga, water aerobics, and 2-3 mile walks.  So I just have to get over my issues with the scale (so easy, right?)

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Penny- from what I can tell what you gain while pregnant does not exactly corilate with what you lose PP. I had friends who gained 15lbs while pregnant and 2 years later still have 10lbs 'extra' from PP.... then I had friends who gained 60lbs while pregnant and lost it all 2 weeks PP..


I def have gained weight differently this pregnancy then with DS1- even though the weight is 7lbs more this time- with DS1 I gained a lot in my arms/legs/face and this pregnancy its more in my stomach and less overall in my body.. or at least it looks that way ;)

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