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it's thursday, january 26th!

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hey you sexy mamas.  is it just me, or has this felt like a really long week?  i spent all of yesterday convinced it was really friday.


anyway, good morning!  happy due date, element, my due date twin!  we made it!

how's everyone doing today?


joyful, i've been thinking of you so much.  have the contractions actually stopped, or are you still getting them as strongly as you've been having?  i'm sorry everything feels against you now.


conchobhar, that's very exciting about how "far into labor" you are already!  i hope it means things happen quickly, you know, if that's what you want!  :)


devaskyla, i'm happy to hear about the fetal assessment.  you must be really relieved!


erika, i'm sending you lots of peaceful labor mojo today.  i hope things have just been holding off until baby gets into a better, less-nerve-pinchy position.


juneboy- baby still in the posterior?  i spent a long time trying to get my baby to turn last night, too.  no luck, as usual.  let us know how your appointment goes!


chili, you've got 2 more days, right?  how are you feeling?  is henry still doing his side-jamming?  how's your tailbone, after the fall?


AFM, i'm so much better today.  got a good night's rest, and i feel so much more at home in my body today.  calm and comfortable.


our contractors located some of the parts we needed to get the chimney built, and we took a family trip yesterday afternoon to go pick them up (it was a long drive).  so they're supposed to be here any minute, and we're crossing our fingers that everything will be done by tonight!  it would be fantastic to have working heat again!  one of those first-world niceties i'll never take for granted again.  :)


MW appointment this afternoon.  ok, i've typed enough!  check in, everyone!  i'm thinking of allllll of you!  grouphug.gif

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Yay for working heat!!! I bet that will feel so nice to just have that project done. Good nesting!! It has been unseasonably warm here as well, but that is still cold when you live in a cold location, isn't it? We have radiator heat in this house, which I adore. Many mornings I find myself sitting on the radiator while drinking my coffee.... so toasty warm :) I hope you are feeling toasty warm soon!


This morning I threatened my husband with keeping this baby in until 42+2 just to ruin the super bowl for him if he didn't stop teasing me :) Truth is, I may not have a choice.... the joke may end up on me afterall :) :) :)  I have informed this child that today would be a lovely day to be born, but I am thinking the baby isn't really listening to me anyhow. Just like my older kids!

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I'm 40 weeks 3 days today, which is a new record for me. My boys were born at 40 weeks 2 days, 39 weeks 1 day, and 40 weeks exactly. Part of me is trying to ignore the fact that I am still pregnant, but I can't ignore it much when I walk outside and get bombarded by the obnoxious "You haven't had that baby YET?!" Urgh. Another part is trying to enjoy these last days because I know I'll miss being pregnant after the fact and I know this is the easy part in baby care. And still the other part of me worries about baby's size. My first two were 7 lbs 5 oz and 7 lbs 6 oz while my youngest son was 9 lbs (no GD, just healthy babe). He was a tight fit (on my hands and knees) and showed signs of turtling. I keep trying to keep faith that my body can birth baby regardless of size, but it doesn't help this Sweetpea prefers a posterior position. When she isn't completely posterior she likes the ROT spot. I have one last client I've been oncall for for the last 4 weeks and she's now scheduled to be induced today. Waiting as we speak to find out what time that will be. I keep thinking it's possible baby is waiting for my client to have her baby before I can go into labor, but I also keep telling baby it's ok not to wait. If we are there, we're there. If not, that's ok and my client has already expressed as much. My husband is such a loving man and has been so utterly supportive, but he just doesn't get my concerns or frustrations. I'm sorry for coming on here to whine, but thanks for listening!

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Today, I'm going to do a bunch of cleaning and hope that it gives me contractions.  I also get my car back from the auto body place today.  I'm definitely going to miss the heated seats and automatic locks of the rental, but it'll be nice to not worry about my water breaking in a rent-a-car.


I'm most excited that they detailed the inside of the car (which, embarassingly, I hadn't done in a loooooong time).  Maybe seeing a clean interior will start labor.  Hehe!


Anybody else find themselves cleaning or finishing up a project or something and think "Maybe THAT'S the thing my body needed to finish before I went into labor!"

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My due date today! I am doing something that i hope will NOT bring on contractions. I would like an extra day. I am moving today!!! That would have to be the worst timing ever right?


I have to go and collect some more things and put them in storage. It has to be done today, because after that, who knows. 


I am optimistic though that i wont go into labor until at least tonight. I hope not until tomorrow night, because tomorrow morning i am moving into the new apartment.


Apparently my due date may also be January 28th, rather than 26th, depending on how you calculate it.  I know i conceived on May3rd.


Conchobar, i hope your projects bring on labor for you.


Good luck to everyone else!

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hey, due date triplets!  awesome!


good luck with the move!  i hope everything goes smoothly, and you have a chance to get at least a *little bit* settled into the new place before the baby makes an appearance!

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Originally Posted by Conchobhar View Post

Anybody else find themselves cleaning or finishing up a project or something and think "Maybe THAT'S the thing my body needed to finish before I went into labor!"


This! I feel like this baby has been waiting for so many things to get done - but finishing projects hasn't started labor yet! I am at 41 weeks 1 day here, and very uncomfortable. I imagine that this waiting game must be slightly easier for mamas with other little ones to keep taking care of...


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Hey how 'bout that, we have 3 left with the same due date! grouphug.gif And it seems like none of us are expecting these LOs to be bothered with this date :-)


HCM I'm glad you're feeling better today.  If those contractors finish tonight, maybe that will be the impetus your LO is waiting for??


Erika, I joke with my DH that this will be a SuperBowl baby too!  Maybe we are brewing up two little divas who have to been the center of attention...


Greenmama, we seem to have quite a few babes here that are hanging out posterior right now.  I'm hoping these LOs turn!  I am making circles on my birth ball as we speak....


Conchobar, yay for getting your car back!  I feel like I finished all of my projects as of today, so hopefully LO has gotten that message!


Devaskyla, I am glad to hear your fetal check up went well. What a relief!


Joyful, I hope you are feeling better today.  I know I totally relate.  So. Over. It.  DH is totally over it too, I'm actually not sure who is more antsy at this point!  Trying to keep positive!


What's the latest juneboymom?


I have a MW appointment tomorrow, as usual it doesn't feel like there's a whole lot going on.  I may try the castor oil tonight, but if I'm not really close there's not much point is there?  My driver's license expired, and here you have to make an appointment with DMV to renew it.  The appointments are all two weeks out so it's a little hard to schedule.  I guess DH will be doing the driving... easier said than done for sure.  I'm basically over trying any of the methods to help encourage labor, but DH is still on top of me about them.  I try not to think about it too much, because at this point it's starting to feel like this babe is never going to come out! Lol!  Thinking of you all!



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Hey everyone...sounds like everyone is getting more than a little frustrated these days!


HCM- yay heat!  Hopefully they are able to get all the work done before LO arrives!


I have no idea whether this baby is posterior or not.  Since I almost always feel his butt up in my ribs, i think he is face down, but i am not sure.  I know my first son was posterior and that led to awful back labor...hoping for different outcome this time!


Less than two days and I will be in the hospital for my induction and believe me, I am MORE than ready!


Spent the day with my DS preschool class.  Had an arts and crafts day for parents and students...it was a nice break from routine.  Also, felt like it gave me and him a good bonding experience before baby gets here. Maybe next week when baby is here and DS gets upset about lack of the usual attention coming his way, he'll remember "Well, mom did spend all day with me at school just last week....."  Haha, fat chance.


I am beyond fed up with my neighbors right now.  Everyday I deal with some moron pulling up to their house and honking, then kids either running out of the house to the car or from the car to the house. Everyday.  And its not just one honk, its one of those lay on the horn for a full minute honks, or honk ten times in a row type things.  Their driveway is right outside my bedroom window, so I get to hear it full force.  This morning, I was woke up at 6am by the damned honking.  I have been putting up with this for months.  I have went over there twice and talked to them and asked them and their friends to be a bit more courteous.  Now that the baby will be here this weekend (sharing the room with me for at least the first few months), I am ready to go back over there and give them a piece of my mind. DH is afraid I will rip their heads off, so he asked me to let him try and take care of it.  Although honestly, I think an angry nine month pregnant woman would be a little more intimidating right now than my 6ft husband!!

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Hello everyone! And happy? 42 weeks to me. Yuck. This baby better not be planning on hanging out until Feb is all I can say. It's been suggested that maybe my dates are off because of all the weirdness my thyroid issues were causing, but I don't think they could be unless they're waaaayyy off. The 6 days between dtd & when I think I o'ed was already pushing it.

Dh bought me fresh pineapple today. Maybe that'll get things started?

Thought of so many problems with my mom's pushing me to have a hospital birth. Obviously I'll go if something is wrong, but given what a pain it would be, I'm certainly not doing it just to make her feel better. This is my last birth and I want it to be awesome, not arguing with medpros.

I'm feeling much more patient about waiting now I know baby is doing really well, since that was my main concern being so far past where I've had my other kids, but my body is not coping well. Just lying down often causes really bad pain in my sides, never mind trying to get up or my walking issues. No swelling, blood pressure or sugar issues, though, so that's good.

I know I'm going to miss the kicks and the not having to deal with jealousy, but I've physically had more than enough of being pregnant. I was ready to be done months ago. Baby is engaged in a good position, so he/she needs to get out! smile.gif
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Okay...nothing to do with pregnancy, but my friend sent this to me in an email and it got a good laugh out of me.  Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh??




I know, incredibly dumb.  Sometimes I am way too easily amused!

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chili, i totally read that in the voice of morgan freeman.  totally!


42 weeks, devaskyla!  yow!  good luck with the pineapple.  i tried that with my first, but he apparently wasn't ready yet.  i wish i knew some special super secret to starting labor, but i have a feeling you would know anything i could suggest.


element, man, what a drag to have to deal with the DMV.  that's the last thing you want to think about at a time like this.  do you think there would be any hope in calling them to see if they have any same-day cancellations?  i don't know if they'd be accommodating of that at all, or what, but it might be worth just giving them a call.  the worst they can say is "no" and grumble at you a bit.  :)


amelia- what kinds of projects are you keeping busy with?


contactmaya- i hope the moving is going well!


conchobhar- how clean is your house now?  orngbiggrin.gif


erika- i think of you so much during the day!  hope it was a good day for you.


greenmamma- i hope you are able to help your client today, and that it was the trigger for your baby to decide it's time to come on out, too!



well, my appointment was great.  baby's heart sounds great, the MW was really pleased with her position(!), so i don't have to obsessively try to turn her anymore.  i'm feeling calmer and more peaceful about that now.


as for projects, yes, i have two big things hanging over my head that i'd like to finish up.  i have to write up a journal entry in our family christmas journal, and i'm trying to finish one last thing for my website.  it's felt much more important to get all the baby stuff done, and now that i've finished baby-prep, i want to work on those other projects.  still don't want to clean though. orngtongue.gif  i tell my husband that the baby isn't coming yet, because i don't feel the need to clean the bathroom.  i have organized the linen closet like woah (do.NOT.touch.my.linen.closet!!!), but i still don't want to do the bathroom.


i'm crossing my legs that she holds on till late tuesday night or wednesday morning, when my husband is back from his work stuff.


OH, and we have heat!!!!  we hosted a parade of construction dudes in here today, and the furnace appears to be working again.  it's pretty sweet.  one of life's little pleasures, ya know?  :)

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Yay for heat!


Funny you should mention bathrooms, I cleaned the toilet upstairs today. Hoping to find the energy to do all the downstairs bathroom too, it's awful. I was so sure baby would come when I was done ds3's stocking. And I did get lots of contractions that night, but nothing since. I'm going to be done the next one before the birth at this rate!


Right now, I'm just hoping baby comes before Feb. And dh didn't think I'd make it until Christmas!

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Hi ladies!  Sounds like you all got a lot of productive things done today!  My appointment this AM was good.  Baby rolled to a more anterior position last night but is not perfectly anterior - he's kind of crooked.  I ran to the chiro after my MW appt and even she said he's in the weirdest position.  I'm 3 cm dilated and had a membrane sweep that was not painful at all.  That is where I was when I went into labor with DS1.  Hopefully in the next day or 2 this little guy will decide to make an appearance!  I had a little cramping throughout the day today and pretty regular BH-type contractions all afternoon.  Tonight at work I ended up doing an emergency surgery for a couple hours so I wasn't really paying attention to contractions and they seem to have fizzled out.  Bummer.  My back is achey from standing/sitting in surgery.  I had the tiniest amt of blood tinge on the TP just once this afternoon.  Really wasn't that exciting and there has been nothing since.  I really wanted to get through work this week so I'm ready anytime this guy is.  I'm scheduled to work on Saturday but I wouldn't mind missing it!  I've had sinus headache-like pressure in my head all day which is no fun.  I really hope I'm not getting another sinus infection! 


Come on babies....it's time to come out! 


I'm exhausted and achey so I'm going to bed early.  Hopefully I'll wake up with some real contractions but I don't want to get my hopes up.  Have a good night!

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Juneboymom, I would be jumping all over the house to have a little blood tinge! Hooray for you!  I can't imagine doing SURGERY the way I am feeling today, you are my hero!


Chili, I totally read it in Morgan Freeman's voice too, lol! Thanks for the laughs.  I'm with you in going over to your neighbors house in all your fully pregnant glory and giving them a piece of your mind! lol.gif


Devaskyla, my mom was telling me that her boss went to 46 weeks back her in days and delivered a perfectly healthy baby.... as long as LO is doing well in there, we'll just keep on incubating them right?  I've never heard of the pineapple trick, sounds delicious at the very least!


HCM, soooo happy for you that your have heat!  That's reason enough for celebration!  I am the opposite of you, I somehow mustered the strength to clean the bathrooms, but my closets are a terror right now.  Let's trade huh? Still need to mop, who knows how long I'll put that off!


I'm feeling a little funny today.  I'm either at the beginning of a cold (most probably) or maybe this baby is making some moves too.  I definitely have a little head cold thing starting up, so I am kind of hoping the baby doesn't come when I'm sick.  I'm also super spacey and tired today, and a little tiny bit crampy now that it's night time, so who knows...


grouphug.gif Group hug because we all sound so over it today, lol!

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