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Anybody else doing wool pants?

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DD is 9 months old and we've been ECing from the beginning. Recently I've started doing something that is working really well for us, and I'm curious if anybody else is doing it. I put her in wool pants, no undies. I have some knitted and some made from felted sweater. I lanolize them, as you would for a soaker. If we have a miss it comes through right away, easy to see, but then I take them off her and simply hang them to dry (handy that we have a fire going). Just wash them every week or so. And misses are just pee.

They are also easy to pull up and down. I also made a few pairs for training pants that she can wear under these wool pants when we go out. If we have a miss she would still be wet, but not a big mess, and it's not a diaper! 

Anybody else doing this?

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We use a lot of wool pants and outfits.  We do a flat diapers or recently undies under them.  Ours are not lanolized but we still just reuse them  until they get poop on them.

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I've been meaning to make some recycled wool longies for my 3mo... thinking I could just stuff a prefold in there for some absorbancy- is that what you are doing seraf? or are you pinning/belting/snappi-ing it in place?

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I do a belt or training pants under. Training pants seem easier because they pull down with the pants. 

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thanks- that is what I want to figure out- a diapering solution that I can easily pull up and down and easily change too (as we have a good number of pee misses most days). And something cheap (hence recycled wool!). Right now we are using all loaner/hand-me-downs but she's growing out of them. I am actually loving the birdseye flats I have on loan and thinking I will order more- they can be folded in different ways are are so lightweight- we change after each pee so don't need tons of absorbency.


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AliceMay, we use wool pants with training pants under when we go out.  You almost have me sold on the idea of only wool pants at home because we never have poo misses anymore, and the thought of decreasing diaper laundry is appealing, but my question is: if the pee just comes right through how is that different or better than just going bottomless and using a wool puddle pad?

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Wool pants are warmer!

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Sorry for the delay in reply!

But yes, wool pants are warmer than bottomless, and for us, in a old, wood-stove heated house, that is important. Also, when I wrote, my DD was  starting to move about, not staying on a pad. But yes, the pee does come through when she is just wearing wool...so I do have to clean up if she pees a lot, but we don't have carpets of anything. 

But since I originally wrote I think that trainers and wool pants might be better, now she is moving a fair bit more. What kind of trainers do you use? Do you make your own? I've been sewing flannel pads into those "diaper covers" that sometimes come with outfits. (I think they are made for disposable diapers so they are small, just like underwear.) 

I've also made some wool split pants from sweaters and I like those with nothing under. It just depends on the day, really. Do you know what I mean? Some days we are just in the zone and other days not so much. 


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