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Sorry for the double post--I went in to Target last night and found a really nice top in the regular section that seems to work for maternity. It's empire waist (with elastic around the waist so it's not too tight) and sort of kimono-style sleeves, so it doesn't feel restrictive in the arms. Comes in several cute patterns (I got the "blue geo border" one). Target XXL is hit or miss for me (the maternity XXL t-shirt I tried on yesterday was too tight, grrrrr) but this has a very forgiving fit. I'd say definitely worth a try if you are looking for a blouse in this style. I'm only 18 weeks, but my belly is pretty round at the top already, and the bottom part of the blouse seems quite roomy, so I would think I could wear it for quite a while yet if not all the way through.



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None of the Target stores in my big city (Atlanta) carry plus-sized maternity in the store.  I can get wear some of their XXL maternity shirts, but they seem to run small in the bust and tight in the arms.  As for the Motherhood banded shirts, they were awesome early in my pregnancy and will be great post-partum because they don't look like maternity shirts but have a little extra room in the belly.  At 32 weeks, though, the band is too tight and half my belly is above and half is below - not a flattering look at all!

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I've never seen Plus Maternity at Target. I don't see it on the website, either.


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Originally Posted by bootsvalentine View Post

I've never seen Plus Maternity at Target. I don't see it on the website, either.



5 years ago, in my first pregnancy, they carried lots of plus sized stuff, although not a whole lot of it in maternity.  Nowadays they don't seem to carry anything larger than XXL, and even that is difficult to find. 

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Lurker here - but I am always on the hunt for cute plus size clothes, so I have to join in. For jeans, I usually buy Levi's from macy.com - they carry lots of good styles and a good range of styles. I also buy a lot of plus size clothes from target online, as many of you seem to do. My local store doesn't carry much, but oddly, or sadly, they have plenty of plus size workout wear. For cute dresses I like alight.com - they have good sales now and then too. For leggings I like Old Navy and I like their yoga pants too - but I do feel the quality isn't worth their prices. For tights and leggings I also like www.welovecolors.com. I find their xxxl to be a good fit - for the record I'm 5'9 and 250lbs, usually a size 20/22/24 depending. Lands End also has good sales. I would never ever buy anything from them at full price because they send a sale email almost everyday. They are good for fancier stuff or investment pieces, like good coats or everyday sweaters. Not the best quality, but decent styles for the sale prices. I find their t-shirt sales to be really good and their bathing suits are no fail. For pretty dresses and formal events, I've had great success with Shabby Apple. I've had to do television spots a few times over the past year and I've been able to get beautiful dresses from them that made me look as young as I fee/am, without being forced to shop at Lane Bryant. Shabby Apple makes me feel modern and I like that.  That being said, the only thing I buy at LB is underwear - their clothes seem to be to expensive for what they are, and I resent everything having to be a pattern, as is the case with a lot of retailers who make clothes for plus size women. No patterns please! Also Lord & Taylor and Nordstroms have good online plus size sections and their sales are good. I almost never pay full price for clothes - unless I am investing - which I rarely do. Also, every now and then Talbots has a good sale and their plus size selection is modern and vast.


Good luck everyone!

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I will have to check out Shabby Apple!


I used to LOVE the Blue Plate brand sold at alight.com. I had adorable sundresses and tops from there. I don't know how their stuff is now as I haven't checked on it in a while, but it used to be really nice and well-fitting. Thanks for reminding me of this brand!

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I am plus size and love fashion! My favorite stores to shop for clothes are Torrid, Forever 21(plus), ASOS, Old Navy(online), Gap(depending on what size you wear), Macy's, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom have a nice selection online for plus sizes as well.

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Where does everyone like to shop for jeans? I need some new ones and I am going to have some serious muffin top issues with the loose skin from pregnancy, in case anyone else has a similar issue and can make a recommendation. I've pretty much lost all the weight, but my jeans still don't fit... greensad.gif

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I like lee one true fit. They are $30 at kohl's. They do stretch so I buy them a little on the small side rather then just right because of the stretch.

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