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Anyone doing an NT scan?

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I have the option next week (13weeks exactly) and I am curious what everyone's thoughts are (also, I'm having twins)


Thanks in advanced for your opinions and experiences :)

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I am on Monday. I'm having it done more as an excuse to recheck my cysts & fibroid, but I think the sequential screen is a good idea for me since I'm 35 and planning an out of hospital birth. For me any decisions based on results would be about where I birth (probably near the children's hospital instead) and what plans I need to make for a child with disabilities. 

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I'll have mine next Thursday at 13 weeks too.  Like eleuthia, I'm 35 and it's more about knowledge and preparations we might need to make more than anything else.  And of course the chance to see baby again.  I will not be doing an amnio or CVS.

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Oh yeah, I am excited to see the fetus again too! I'm hoping it will make things seem more real. 

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I had mine last week at like 11.5 weeks.  I also wanted to have my cyst checked and I'm 35, so I wanted some reassurance.  The scan wasn't very long.  They did the neck fold measurements and looked to see that it had two arms and legs and a head ;).  She even tried to peek at the gender -- I know it's early, but last time they knew from ultrasound at 13 weeks for me, so I think they often can tell earlier than they say.  I got "the numbers" back within a few days and go back in six weeks for the follow up blood work, etc.  I would get a CVS or amnio if anything showed up, so it was definitely something I wanted to do. 

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I have mine next week.  It's not really necessary for me, since I'm 31, but we wanted to see the beano again before announcing it to the world and we wanted to be able to prepare ourselves and those around us for a disabled child, if necessary.  We are almost definitely not doing amnio or CVS; we wouldn't change the course of the pregnancy, so there would be no reason for more invasive tests.

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I am almost 14 weeks and wasn't interested but now wish I would have scheduled the scan only, just for reassurance all is going well. 

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I will be. We have the scan scheduled for 12 and a half weeks.

I finally had my first US a week ago (after the midwife couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler) and we have 1 healthy bean, measuring right on the dates and heartbeat of 176. joy.gif
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I was... but I have to have it done within the next week, and I don't know if I'm going to bother. I'm gonna call my midwives on monday and see.. but probably not. i didn't get it done last time, and wouldn't terminate anyways. 

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Im sort of dying to know the gender because there are 2 instead of 1.. so I guess I am hoping she can see it this time (Ill be almost 13 weeks).. otherwise Id like to make sure they have all their arms, legs, hearts etc

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You're 13w tomorrow? I'm exactly 12, well with you doubling up I don't think we'll have the same date this time.


I'll get it done tomorrow because they do. Advantages are you get a bit of prewarning. I know from the loss side of things that I would rather know about a trisomy diagnosis before the birth. I don't know at all what I would do for a trisomy diagnosis, that's a tricky one. As for downs, I'm not that bothered really but I guess to prepare for the child and support I would need here, it would be handy to know.


It's always nice to know they have a full compliment of limbs. If I get put on high risk again we'll have a major scan towards the end where they look at the heart indepth and check absolutly everything is working right. And after all that monitoring last time I didn't twig what the bubble was next to him on the scans, yeah looking back the nuchal cord was quite obvious at the end! I'm not finding out the sex this time though so we won't end up with 300 photos of the genitals. At every scan with DS1 we got a photo of his willy, and strangely enough they are not going to make the family album.

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I'm not. I'm 13 weeks today.. but back when I had my phone call with the nurse - there seemed to be some confusion about whether or not my insurance would pay for it and since I had to call someone and find out - I never did.. So I won't get my 2nd and last ultrasound until 18-20 weeks.. and we aren't finding out the sex. I have a friend who is 8 months preggers with her Trisomy 18 baby. She made the decision to go full term and take advantage of the time she might have with baby. That's what we'd do anyway - we'll know at the body scan if there are any major defects and be prepared at birth. So... guess we just have our fingers crossed since we aren't having the CVS or amnio either. I did get to hear the heartbeat last week on the doppler.. so at least that seems to be fine.

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Originally Posted by fazer6 View Post
 At every scan with DS1 we got a photo of his willy, and strangely enough they are not going to make the family album.



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We are skipping it this time. We did the NT scan and related bloodwork with DS and it showed an elevated risk of a possibly fatal condition. Because we were not comfortable with an amnio because of the risk of loss (however small) and because we decided that if baby had this condition, we would still continue the pregnany for as long as baby would hang on, our only remaining option was to wait until the anatomy scan to check over all his little parts and make an assessment then. The period waiting for LO to get big enough for the anatomy scan led to weeks of stress, tears, and worry. When we finally had the anatomy scan, it showed none of the things were were worried about. This time, we will just wait until 20 weeks to see how baby looks. If there is anything that needs addressing, we can start to process it then. For our family, knowing at 12w vs. 20w would not change anything and it just may lead to a longer period of worrying and wondering.

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I had the NT scan today.


For me, its just a relief to see things and know its 'all there' esp because its 2.. .  The spines, hearts, stomachs etc. I am not sure what I would do if I was in the position of something horrible happening but for me, Id rather know and have time to prepare then be surprised and without help/support in another country.. .


Given our situation, Id need time to line up help as we have no one here if it was life threatening. . . . if it was bad enough - like trisomy I would consider an abortion.

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I think it's so much different when you're in a different country isn't it. If I had a kid with downs in the UK it would be way easier as I'd know where to go for help and support, and I'd understand everything  better. But here I have no idea what to do. I'm quite comforted that we've had the all clear. At this hospital we actually got a print out with everything on it. Last 2 times we were just told everything was fine. But I actually have the risks for the 3 trisomys, I know what the hb was and the report just says all the things that were checked.


When you're in a different country with a different language and away from family you have to plan a bit better for certain things.

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When you're in a different country with a different language and away from family you have to plan a bit better for certain things.





I have NO idea what to do in the EU for most things where in the US there is much better information online and socially- here everything feels very closed and word of mouth.

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I'm not because my insurance doesn't cover it - they only do one "routine" or screening ultrasound, and it wouldn't change anything for me anyway.  I'm getting my main one at 20 weeks and we'll see if there are issues then.  My medically necessary ones will come near the end.

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We had ours today, and the baby was flipping around and kicking up against the side of the uterus.  It was crazy.  And hilarious.  But we got the all clear (at least a 1 in 2000 chance for Downs), so we're feeling pretty good about things.  We'll be announcing to the Facebook world pretty soon.

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Lily, no gender guess?

Mine is today...


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