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nursing bras for DDs?

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I've been going nuts trying to find some really soft, yet still supportive nursing bras.  My skin has become extremely sensitive over the last few years, and I really just can't wear the ones that I had from back when dd was little.  Any recommendations??  I prefer wireless for comfort and need a super-soft band (a minimum of scratchy seams would be awesome)-- however the ones I've found like this seem to either give me a mono-boob or just have no support whatsoever.  So far I've tried on every model at the local Motherhood Maternity store, and finally ordered some from Pea in the Pod, which looked really nice and were super comfortable, but the sizing (S-M-L-XL) was such that the size that best fit my band was too small in the cup, and the one that was right in the cup was too loose around the band.  I've been looking at a seamless one by Anita- any experience with them?  Also-- I was hoping to be able to get something that would be comfy now (still wearing my pp underwires, which are passable but not terribly comfortable) and that would maybe have enough stretchiness in the cup to still accomodate the girls once the milk comes in.  Is that even possible, or do I really need to just measure myself now and order up a full cup size to be sure they'll fit later?  Or do I just get a couple comfy, stretchy ones now, and figure I can use them for sleep bras if I end up wnting to buy something more supportive once I know what size I'm really going to be?  So wish there was a store around with a decent selection to actually try on-- this ordering online thing is a pain!

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While preggo/nursing I wear a 36F, I LOVE the Anita bras.  In fact, I just ordered another (on amazon, much better price).  I do prefer the ones with the underwire though.  I can't find any that don't have the wire that give enough support.  The other problem is when you need one in our size, they are SO expensive.  I found my favorite Anita on Amazon for $40, they are $70 at my local nursing store so I guess this is a bargain.  I only had one and now none of my other bras fit so I had to order one more.  It's such a pain in the ass!  Do you have a nursing store that can measure you?  You can always go in and try stuff on, then try to find better prices elsewhere.  Good luck!! This is the one I ordered... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0011MYEI0/ref=oh_o00_s00_i00_details

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No suggestions, but I'm interested, too.  notes.gif

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The Anita '5041' was my go-to nursing bra last time...it has an underwire but early on (well, for the first 6 months) I just wore a mishmash of non-underwire things until I could tolerate the underwire.  It was definitely comfort over function for me--none of the non-underwire bras were really supportive but I have crazy sensitive skin and was had a lot of nerve/skin/nipple pain for several months.  (But I was really embarrassed to look back at pics and see how saggy I was!)  The 5041 was/is $$ (at least seemed so to me!) so I would get 1 or 2 and wear them out before replacing, by which time I was usually a different size anyway.


I was also mis-measured/misfitting myself and not 'fixed' by the nursing store I visited--compensating for cup size by increasing band size.  I was buying 40D's and such when I probably needed 36/38 DD's minimum.  So that probably affected supportiveness as well since I was not well-fit.


As for unstructured bras, I find that bras with a lot of stretch in them, lycra/microfiber, etc. are more comfortable for me than ones with a lot of cotton and little stretch.  I've had to turn my sleeping bras inside out if any exposed elastic gets too irritating.  I think I will try one of the Anita non-underwire ones early on this time--wonder what size I should order...I'm currently measuring 36 DD (breast size never went down much) and I hope I just get a cup or so bigger, not several cups like last time.  Almost afraid to buy too much ahead of time but really want to check this off my to-do list!!


Oh--I just finally tried on my stash of early bras from last time--my favorites (judging by the number of holes in them!!) was a Belabumbum one (I don't see anything like them anymore on their website but this was almost 7 years ago!), Leading Lady style 449, and 'two hearts maternity' from Sears I guess, and Top Secret Deluxe style D218.  I also had a bra that had a removable underwire but actually didn't like it that much.

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Just saw the Belabumbum bra I wore out last time on Amazon:



But I think their newer bras may have something integrated to help adjust between changing cup sizes within the same bra--some way to adjust it in back (just gathering from the info on their website) and the one above may be an older model without that feature.  I still thought it was VERY comfortable and pretty too, just with the typical lack of support from a non-structured bra.

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