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OMG Sora is going CRAZY right now! She's crying in the weirdest screamy way I've never heard before.

Audrey has been screaming like that all day.  There are no tears and it's more of an uncomfortable, really loud screeching sound.  I know it is related to teething.  She also kept rubbing her nose and was just generally unhappy.  Of course, we were at a family get together today while this was going on so I spent the entire time trying to make her stop screaming.  It is very frustrating.

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Joanie, would it be too much trouble to run her to the doctor for a check? Kids get sick a lot. When they are older, they can tell you their ear or throat or tummy hurts. Babies can't. She could have something going on. Even if there is no need for medication, at least you would know that she has a real reason for her behavior.

Hugs. Hope she (and you!!) gets some peace soon.
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Dylan was sick a couple of weeks ago with a cold.  I would have never known he was sick except that the rest of us were sick, too!  


Still no teeth here.  No behavioral changes that would make me think he is teething, either.  He still manages to gum off little bits of food, though!  haha.  

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Does it just keep hurting while the teeth are still growing, even though they've already popped through?! She wasn't nearly this bad when the teeth first showed up! I gave her some natural pain relief stuff (will give her Tylenol if it continues) and had to put her in her swing bawling her eyes out because she was beating me up!!! Is my baby the only one who is this forceful with hitting and kicking and scratching and pinching? I know others have mentioned their babies doing this stuff but it just seems like Sora is on a different level...?

IMO, yes, the teeth can continue to hurt after they are through the gums as they grow out.  My theory is that the base of the tooth is wider so it continues to stretch the gums.  With my older 2 kids, teething pain seemed to be the worst just before the tooth popped through, but would continue for several days and then would usually overlap with the emergence of the other tooth in the pair (or other teeth in the set of 4 when dealing with canines and molars) such that teething pain lasted for 6-8 weeks at it's worst with canines/molars.  It's also been my experience that teething pain got worse with each new tooth, again such that the last teeth (molars) were the worst of the worst.  Strangely though, after the two year molars, the 3 year molars seemed to appear with little issue.  And dd was a horrible teether as well.  She would whine, fuss, pinch. hit, kick, wake up all night long and her eczema would flare horribly.  The worst was how she behaved with her peers- sometimes drawing blood from her scratching and pinching (though this wasn't entirely teething related behavior, it was definitely worse while teething).  Some kids are just way easier teethers, it's true.  IME, those that get their teeth earlier and close together have an easier time.  Late, spread out teethers (like my dd) just seem to have a really rough time.


As for medication... I also break down and dose them when it's really bad, but not with Tylenol.  I highly recommend Motrin.  Number one, you avoid those possible liver damage issues and number two, it lasts 6-8 hours instead of 4-6... much better.


As for ear infections, every baby can display symptoms slightly differently, but almost always there will be a real fever- not just a low grade one that could be teething.  Tugging at the ears is actually more common with teething than ear infections.  If you're taking her in for a check up anyway regarding the possible c. diff. infection, then her ears could be checked as well.  Do you have urgent care or convenient care in your area?  In Maryland and Texas we had urgent cares that cost the same co-pay as a doctor's visit, but were open extended/weekend hours and were quite quick.  Here we have "convenient care" with the HMO system that is similar.  I ask b/c when I first had dd, I didn't know the difference between urgent care and the ER.  Avoid the ER at all costs unless it's a true emergency.  Not only is it a loooong wait, but the co-pays are usually quite high.  Urgent care is the way to go!

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Ear infections, Greta has had two ear infections. She has hardly any symptoms with an ear infection. No fever, no extra fussiness. Her only symptom is that she doesn't sleep well. Her lack of symptoms is why her ear drum burst before we caught the first one. The second one, I just had a hunch and we had a busy weekend ahead of us, so I took her in just in case. 


I also recommend Motrin over Tylenol. All the reasons Jaimee said, plus it's an anti-inflammatory which helps with the swollen gums. I use Tylenol for straight fever reducer, haven't used it on Greta yet but have for DD1 occasionally. She runs a high fever at the drop of a hat, though. I use Motrin for pain relief when needed. 


Greta's top two teeth have been sitting right. there. for months it seems. They just pushed down even further a couple of weeks ago. When she smiles big, it seriously looks like she has those teeth already since her gums are so big. She doesn't fuss about it much though. I give her teething tablets every now and then when it seems she is uncomfortable. I think we've given her Motrin once or twice in the last couple of weeks for it, but only at bedtime. 


The violent baby? No, you're not the only one. Greta is very physical about everything. When she's mad she scratches and pinches. When she's tired, she digs her nails into my hand while falling asleep. Even when she's giving love, she smashes her whole face onto mine and pulls my hair while slobbering all over me. Kisses are nice, but also painful!!

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Dylan has a tooth!  joy.gif

Yay! orngbiggrin.gif
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Yay Dylan!

Still no teeth here....
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No teeth here, either!

Yay Dylan!
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And today... We have a tooth! An eensy-weensy, teeny-tiny beginning of a tooth!
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Which one, Katie? Bottom?


Rhyko is getting the second set of bottom two teeth... that's a total of 8, now! 

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Yes, her bottom right! And I've gotta see some pics of sweet Rhyko!
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Yay for teeth! Coralie has 6 teeth and seems to be in a break. She hasn't gotten any new ones for months.
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Nochy has eight and is working on more.
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Sora cut her 4th tooth today, and whoa was I in for a surprise with this one... I thought she had cut this top tooth days ago, but apparently it was only poking through before. We were playing on the floor this morning and suddenly I noticed blood dripping all over a toy she was chewing on. yikes2.gif I lifted up her gum and she had totally cut the tooth fully through right there in front of me, not acting in any pain, and I had no idea I'd be seeing blood when it happened... wowza. I'm just glad I was the one with her when it happened and not my blood-phobic DH.

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Conner's up to 6 teeth!!! 4 on top and 2 on bottom. =)=)=)

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B just got her first 2 teeth last week, one on top and one on bottom (I feel like I said this already?).  She has 4 more following close behind.

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I think Shay is working on molars. He has huge white lumps back there. More pronounced on top than bottom.
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Still just 2, with no more in sight, though his sleep and whining sure seem like more are on the way.

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Coralie has 7 teeth and has for a while..  I'm not sure where that matching 8th tooth is, the 7th one has been through for like 6 weeks and is almost fully in. 

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